REACT…to the return of my OBSESSIVE/PERFECTIONIST side


And let me tell you, I am totally surprised by this!

but it’s back, although it hasn’t taken over my whole life…believe me, I won’t permit it, it would signal my slow demise (MISS EXAGERATION?…she’s not here today!) OK maybe it wouldn’t exactly kill me but it would make my life a bit more complicated so I’m letting my OBSESSIVE/PERFECTIONIST/ forgotten side go crazy (or drive me crazy) in my house…

I’ve written about how my second grade teacher/nun used to call me MISS PERFECT and how she explained that THAT wasn’t the ideal attitude in life…of course, at 8 years why would I care if I never found a husband so I took the title and wore it proudly until in high school it morphed into a life ruining/threatening chronic illness… now THAT I heard and bid PERFECTIONISM adieu…


until NOW!

and I am surprised to find myself there again because it has taken the form of HOUSE CLEANING… how about that?! ME, the house cleaning HATER par excellence, the ORGANIZATIONALLY CHALLENGED person that couldn’t even write a post about organization without laughing at herself (remember I dared declare this as my New Year’s resolution)…

NOW… I arrange and rearrange my dishes after I dry them one by one, along with the glass pots’ and pans’ lids, I clean the counter then I go over it one or two more times with a different rag to get it shiny enough to see my reflection ( the same goes for the kitchen floor)…I take the same rag and wipe dry all the faucets in the house until they’ve got no water marks… I check the shutters for dust and fingerprints…fold my hand towels and stack them so they look perfectly straight… have made it a point to give a special place to everything so there’s no excuse for it to be lying around…

Oh yes, that’s me on a normal day, with tons of homework, both mine and my children’s… no time for Pinterest, Facebook or my beautiful A.R.T. (not to mention my real art)

I had to sit down and analyze my behavior because it was so unexpected…

This is what came from this moment of deep introspection: I LOVE MY HOME or using the words of Gretchen Rubin I AM HAPPIER AT HOME! (btw, I just bought the book, yay!)

I don’t mind doing housework because THIS is my home, the place where I am me, where I am safe, where I want to make unforgettable memories with my loved ones, the place where only I can create beauty and peace the way I like it…

Still, it is all so unexpected… before my years in Mexico City I had already lived in this house for 3+years…

Of course, back then we had just enough in our family budget to make the monthly payments so the house stayed just as we got it for those 3+ years, with the same fixtures, window treatments, kitchen cabinets, etc. that the first owners had installed which, in my mind and heart, made this house feel as if it wasn’t mine… UNTIL NOW (though, technically it still belongs to the bank…) the difference is that NOW even MY PAINTINGS have a wall on which to hang and illuminate the space…I HAVE MADE THE HOUSE MINE! I have decorated it and made adjustments to fit my life and all of my belongings INSTEAD of the other way around where, since we moved in I had adapted to what the house offered making my life fit into it, into a space that HOUSED another family’s life and memories…

WOW what a difference NEW PAINT makes!!

I gladly put on my apron everyday

There’s just one problem, I need to control this OBSESSIVE/PERFECTIONIST side because I’ve also got WORK and CHILDREN that need my full attention and a big part of my energy…

Well, the washer is beeping for my attention…so…



9 responses to “REACT…to the return of my OBSESSIVE/PERFECTIONIST side

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  2. Mi casa su casa (read in spanish with a us accent), we’re waiting for you sister!!!

  3. I know that perfectionist in you! I met her along the same time the nun you she existed… and it’s nice to have her back. Just no OCDing with the painting ONLY inside the lines ok 😉 The house looks amazing, I can’t wait to visit. Besos!

  4. Could it be a kind of NESTING phase, like when our due date is approaching?! I plan to enjoy this because it’s so new to me and I want to set the example for my children to emulate and feel the same love and gratitude toward our home…thank you Karen for your appreciation of this and your very sweet words 🙂

  5. I can relate a bit to your compulsions. Ever since we moved to a new home, I’ve been cleaning more than I have in years. It’s getting close to what I want, but it’s still not quite there yet. I am driving my kids a bit crazy, but I feel it’s been worth it. 🙂 Your home looks like a great place for your art and your expanding life. I imagine this phase will end, but hopefully your enjoyment of your home will remain a treasure for you. Karen

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