ACT…”use the corresponding face for the corresponding emotion”

KATE: Happy, smile. Sad, frown. Use the corresponding face with the corresponding emotion. Memorable line from FRENCH KISS with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline (I think I’ll pop it in the DVD player tomorrow that I’ve got a day off)


Anyway…Apparently I’m awful at it, at least that’s what I’ve been told…

My facial expression betrays me and I honestly have no idea how…Unlike the french girl that stole Charlie’s heart (jajajaaa, you need to watch that movie if you haven’t already), I don’t fake it, I can’t fake a smile! But still, I don’t know what I look like though, I do know what I feel…and whoever looks at me can tell something’s not quite right…

When I’m feeling overwhelmed by some negative feeling: extremely tired, sad, worried…I conciously do my best to enter a room wearing my NEUTRAL face (not a fake grin). Ja! so I used to think, till today…

I got to my class and a few students approached me. As we talked a bit they started asking if everything was OK, if I was angry or if I had gotten up on the wrong side of the bed…their questions left me speechless, I honestly had no idea I was that transparent, nor did I know that they were so observant, and, above all, that I had this weird look on my face…

I did feel like my heart was a bit squished and it seems that my face had a squished look as well…when I was putting on my ton of makeup I couldn’t cover up my dark undereye circles, I thought I had done a ‘good’ job but the grey had taken over my whole face by the time I got to the classroom…

During those few seconds, when I was listening to their questions I tried- TRIED TO THINK FAST (who am I kidding?!) and identify the exact mood I was in and what had put me there…however what worried me the most was that they not get the idea that I don’t like being in the classroom with them, I needed to make it clear that this wasn’t about them, THAT’S IT’S JUST ME NOT LEAVING MY PERSONAL STUFF AT HOME but wearing it on my FACE- of all places!

So I did some quick soul-searching and finally pin-pointed what this was about…


Realizing how important it is to clarify even to yourself WHAT EXACTLY IT IS WE ARE FEELING,

WHAT IS ALL THAT WEIGHT WE’RE CARRYING AROUND in our head, in our heart, under our eyes, on our backs…

Happy, smile. Sad, frown. Use the corresponding face with the corresponding emotion.

Yes, when you are with someone who is supposed to help you through those rough patches, NOT with your students or work colleagues… they shouldn’t have to deal with this!!!

This is something I will meditate everyday before I get out of my car in the school parking lot…

I will USE THE CORRESPONDING FACE WITH THE CORRESPONDING EMOTION and I’ll find a way to make my face express the happiness being back in school gives me and overpower any negativity before my students see right through me…


hugs people


btw, post image from istockphoto



2 responses to “ACT…”use the corresponding face for the corresponding emotion”

  1. you made me remember the pic i used once in my blog, where an apple holds a happy face post-it… te quiero mucho Ale… I’ve been there and done that too.. 🙂

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