CREATE…could GREY be my NEW BLUE?!

Hi lovely readers…I honestly hate these disappearing acts I’ve been pulling but life at home has been quite eventful…

Among everything else happening, I’ve been redecorating my OLD home which is part of the reason I (and my husband) have been calling this my NEW/OLD home!

My two year sabatical devoted to writing my blog, painting and pinning on Pinterest has paid off…

As an honest to goodness PISCES I’m used to dreaming and making plans that don’t become a reality, that’s just my nature and it doesn’t bring me any disappointment, on the contrary, not having time to dream is what puts me in a very bad mood…

anywho…With the help of the wonderful PINTEREST I daydreamed of my home done MY WAY taking inspiration from bloggers and people with the know-how…

Thriving in the company of all my boards is one in particular that came about when I finally decided, err, accepted that (and I hesitate to say this, because I am a loyal fan of blue-as another of my boards can atest) GREY is my NEW BLUE…there, I said it, jajajaaaa (I once got a fortune cookie that said that drama was my true calling, you think?!)



and I started collecting images to assure me that I wasn’t totally off trend or cuckoo…

I had also previously put together a board to justify my decision to use blues (my personal take on neutral) as a substitute for white on some of the walls of my house, mainly the bedrooms (and some made it’s way into the kitchen, jijiji) …calling it BLUE is for SERENITY

And with all these images as my support and the “creative freedom” my hubby gave me (he INTERFERED here and there but I had pretty good points and got things done as I had planned, now who’s the LAWYER in this family?) I went ahead and WINGED IT, because, much like hair-do’s, what you see in the picture isn’t what you’ll achieve in real life…knowing that, I proceeded with caution and sent good vibe to all the people that have been working here for the last few weeks…

We didn’t tear down any walls or anything drastic, we like what we have, it’s more than enough for my family of four+pet… we just gave our lovely home something to be proud of:








My husband and I are so happy with the results.

People have been a bit surprised by our color choice but we like to think out of the box (at least the box they’re in)…

At the same time we gave our windows some updating…(sorry for the mess, there’s so much dust flying around and those chairs are OFF-WHITE, oops!!) very nice WHITE PLANTATION SHUTTERS, we’ve always loved the look and now we have it at home, yay!!



Now, on the to-do list is a new lamp for the living room which has a high ceiling…I’m between these two…


I’d love some help deciding 🙂

As soon as the bathrooms are presentable I’ll let you take a peek…and will blog about the finished kitchen as soon as it’s done!

hugs people

4 responses to “CREATE…could GREY be my NEW BLUE?!

  1. I’m with you! Currently love grey and the effect it has on walls. Sneak peek is looking good. But you know what, the RED lamp would look cool too.. just saying. I know you’re choosing among the black stripes and the pattern, but red and grey is a cool combo. (Mi humilde opinion.)

  2. Oh it most definitely is the best part of this (though let me tell you, it has been very stressful to have so many people- men- here each one working on something different but all making the most incredible amount of dust) all in all I am happy we finally had the chance ($) to do it… Will you send me some pics of your new place when you get it all prettied up?? Read you soon Karen and thank you for reading my blog

  3. Sounds like an exciting project, and fun to see how you’ve been working with Pinterest. I plan to use Pinterest more soon. Decorating a new place is the best part of moving in my opinion. Look forward to seeing more!

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