ACT…Alive and Working

My goodness people, it’s been a while since I last had a chance to put together a post…I didn’t even write a celebratory FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY post for my young blog, so


I could tell you so much but risk boring you with the recount of my NEW/OLD life, life before A.R.T. , before México City…so I’ll just keep it simple…

Obviously I’ve been quite occupied adapting to the three digit weather, settling into what was supposed to be well-known territory but has been a surprise with every corner I turn, I have blamed it all on my age though I know it has nothing to do with it, however I do feel less energetic than I did two years ago…I reach the third floor, where my office is, huffing and puffing and sweating and praying I won’t slide down the steps like we see on cartoons…

It has been a huge change of pace, from using my time as I wish (blogging, pinning, painting, dreaming) to having a strict schedule, going from classroom to classroom, whew!  I’m happy and I’ll catch my breath and catch up with my fellow teachers soon. Meanwhile, I’m doing it at my own pace (do I sound like a senior citizen?!), the only thing that hasn’t changed is how much I enjoy being in the classroom making sure my students leave knowing something they didn’t know before.

how to sew sock monkey

Although every single concept taught gives me great satisfaction,

I had never experienced the joy guiding my creativity workshop has given me…

We started off by making a SOCK MONKEY, jajjaaaa I know, silly, fun, cute, YAY!!

I need to thank CRAFTPASSION.COM which is the site where I found the best instructions for putting together a SOCK MONKEY 

…and these are just two of the lovely guys that were made by this crafting group:

Of course I’m feeling very proud of my creativity workshop students and they are very much looking forward to the next project, promise to post some pics when that one’s done and the link to the great site that I used as guide!

Anyway people, I have not organized my life outside school which has affected my blogging, nevertheless, please stay tuned because my dear friend Gaby has a 40th b-day coming up and her posts are in the works…

But, before I log off for today, let me leave you with some images from my NEW/OLD life that have captured my imagination and my heart…

pics by ME

Hugs people!!

13 responses to “ACT…Alive and Working

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  2. That makes two of us!! I love blogs that give me brain food also and I have to thank you for finding that quality in my blog, it means a lot to me! hope you visit again and find more interesting reads, may I recommend you browse through my blog, specially in the THINK category, you might be pleasantly surprised 🙂

  3. Sister, me ha afectado tantisimo!! el tiempo no me alcanza…y en cuanto veo oportunidad prendo la compu y algo sucede que no me permite seguir, very frustrating…creo que me debo de encomendar a tu santito de los escritores, como se llamo el bendito sennior, I really need his intercession right about now 😦 xoxo sister, in the midst of it all i am very very happy to read you again, although your absence from the blogoshere means your’ve been busy, right?!

  4. Hello my dear! Pues a mi tambien me ha “influenciado” el cambio de ubicacion para crear mas contenido. But it’s great to read you again. Me encantaron los socks y el proceso “behind it” que te dio tanta felicidad! Me encantaron las fotos del cielo! Feliz Aniversario to the most dedicated and prolific blogger I know. Keep ’em coming sister! XOXO

  5. Thank you Marianne, I’ve missed the blogosphere also…have kept reading your posts but have not had the peace of mind or concentration to make a well thought out comment…sigh!! hope to get back into the game soon, big hug 🙂

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