Hi everyone…sorry for the disappearing act but my family and I have moved and it wasn’t till today that I finally brought all my stuff to my new-old home and have stopped the insanity to do some writing…

Well, not only did I move half way across my country but I have also gone back to work and my children back to their new-old school…why do I insist on NEW-OLD you ask?! Because we, my children and I, are seeing everything we had, knew and loved in a different light now that we are back…It’s been a bit surreal for me…kind of like being on the ramp and trying to get on the expressway…LIFE HAS CONTINUED ITS COURSE WHILE WE WERE AWAY, who knew?! jajajaaa…I am honestly happily amazed to find so much progress and change for the good in both my children’s school and at my job (which is also a school) and it thrills me to be invited to be part of it!!

Despite the awful, truly awful weather this city has had this summer (and most past summers, for that matter!) people move, and I dare say, faster and with more energy than in Mexico City and I can only credit this to THE SUNLIGHT…

I’ve been asked how my life was in Mexico City, of course it was a good couple of years, I rediscovered painting, I gave myself the chance to write, my children proved me wrong when I worried that they’d have a hard time adjusting to Mexico’s way of life and its people…BUT (and this is a HUGE BUT, jeje) I needed the sunshine…

This part of my answer always surprises people because here, in Mexicali, we have a summer that lasts between five and six months of the year…spring feels like summer when it’s only half way through and autumn feels like summer when it starts…so how dare  I say that I missed the sunlight…my goodness I did…

I always joked saying that I wasn’t solar like a calculator, on the contrary, being in the sun drained me…but I hadn’t experienced two years of cloudy skies in a while, although physically I did look a lot paler, which didn’t bother me much, at least not as much as the EMOTIONAL effect it had on me. I just felt this sadness that had no beginning or end it was just there, the clouds had seeped into my brain and my thoughts and would get the best of me when I wasn’t paying attention…

Or maybe it’s just the whole package deal I got by coming back: my spot in the administrative staff, as well as in the teaching staff was still there waiting for me to embrace it and give it my all; plus the chance to make another dream come true- to teach a creativity workshop… Now, I’m teaching my highschool students to love writing, to love reading, to think, speak and write in a structured, joyful to read way plus getting my hands dirty and gooey in arts and crafts.

My first day back, as I drove into the school’s parking lot, I felt something so deep that I can only explain it as FINDING MY HAPPY PLACE… as much as I love painting and writing, TEACHING, creating, brainstorming, TRYING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE is my thing…

Thank you GOD!!! Thank you, thank you

hugs people



5 responses to “THINK…about FINDING MY HAPPY PLACE

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  2. Welcome back Little Miss Sunshine…people always give me wierd looks when I say that I LOVE summers inMexicali (in spite of the scorching heat). Days last longer, there is a more laid back mood, people are full of energy (even if they dont notice it) there is no running around with school, there seems to be more time to enjoy family & friends…en fin… Now you get it, right?

  3. Thank you Karen, I love the way you phrase this: MY NEW/OLD LIFE… that’s exactly what it is…I’ve gone back to start going forward!! 🙂 wow, so happy this has inspired you! read you soon, big hug and many blessings to you to on you and your family’s journey to your new home

  4. That’s a big move, so it’s understandable you would need some time off from blogging!
    Your journey back to your Mexicali home sounds like a wonderful homecoming, and that you needed some time away to fully appreciate your roots.
    Thank you for sharing your story, it’s inspiring me to look at places where my journey is taking me back to old territory.
    Many blessings for a new/old life! 🙂 Karen

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