“Gratitude makes sense of our past,

brings peace for today,

and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

This quote expresses in the best way how I feel and the effect all this has on my blog and my vision for it…

Last week, as my children and I were having our last meal at our favorite restaurant in Mexico City I got an email from one of the blogs I follow…

Before I tell you about the email, let me tell you about the blog…

It’s called BRILLIANTLY NOVEL, it’s a blog by a young woman, a nurse to be exact, that loves, LOVES to read…she gives every book the same chance to trap her and not let her go till she gets to the last page. Of course she’s got her favorite genre, but still gives others a chance! And, although I’m much older than her and in a different stage in my life, I love to read her reviews and specially enjoy the phrases she quotes from the book she might be reading at the moment. She’s got this special sensibility to pick a fragment of text that goes beyond the theme of the novel and to your heart even if you haven’t read the book.

Anyway, back to the email…

She had just commented on one of my posts letting me know that she really liked my blog and way of writing that she had decided to make MY BLOG one of the 5 nominated for the SUNSHINE AWARD 🙂

Yes, my little A.R.T. ‘s a winner…jajajaaa did I sound like a proud mother?!

In the midst of so much happiness I thought: SUNSHINE AWARD? what did I do to win the SUNSHINE AWARD? although I wish my posts were always on a positive note and full of good thoughts, they ARE NOT! they are, sometimes, TOO FULL OF REALITY and well, reality bites (hey remember that movie with Winona Ryder?!), so maybe, the SUNSHINE AWARD has nothing to do with cheerfulness and smiles and hearts and love…so I had to do some research to understand why the lovely BRILLIANTLY NOVEL had nominated me…

and just googled: SUNSHINE AWARD and this came up…

from PUTNEY FARM, also a winner of this award, I got this explanation/definition…

For those who do not know what a Sunshine Blog Award is (and that included us), it is a prize is awarded to “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”

How about that?!

…to be considered a positive and creative inspiration to someone…Yes BRILLIANTLY NOVEL, please Color me FLATTERED as well! To me THAT is the highest form of flattery ever…and I have been very blessed to have been given this ability/gift which has made my connection with some people, specially my highschool students, memorable ones in my life…and now it’s a connection with you BRILLIANTLY NOVEL, THANK YOU!!

As part of accepting this award I’ve got to answer 10 questions about myself (I wonder if there’s anything you don’t know about me by now!) and continue adding links to the SUNSHINE chain by nominating other blogs that inspire positivity and creativity…BUT, if you don’t mind, let me put my list together and get back to it on my next post…I wouldn’t want to go about it hastily and there are about a million boxes from my move to unpack…

Thank you BRILLIANTLY NOVEL, read you soon!

big hug people from my three-digit temp hometown!

p.s. please wish me luck, I’m going back to work after two years sabatical (that’s what I call my stay in Mexico City)…re-adjusting to my home  is turning out ot be quite INTERESTING (but that’s info for a whole other post)…


7 responses to “ACT…with GRATITUDE

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  2. Thank you Marianne, now I feel I should live up to the award’s name: SUNSHINE… I love the challenge and am so happy my blog is considered that to someone else, at least for me it started out as my sun shining in a very cloudy sky and it has continued to shine in my life…read you soon

  3. Thank you Karen! It was a real suprise and a true incentive…you get what you give and YOU give so much of yourself in your blog posts that giving back in my comments is my way of showing my gratitude and appreciation for your writing

  4. Congratulation on your Sunshine award! You definitely deserve it for all the love you put into your blogs and comments! Karen

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