ACT…Midnight in Paris

jajajaa, well, it was MIDNIGHT but I was lying in my bed in Mexico City staring for the zillionth time at my sleeping husband in complete disbelief which is when my mind went back to our honeymoon, to that MIDNIGHT IN PARIS when I was …uuuhhhmm SURPRISED has a POSITIVE CONNOTATION, so does amazed, so let’s just say I was  in SHOCK at finding out my new husband had a HUGE lawn mower in his nose that came on as soon as he closed his eyes….

As you know (if you’ve read this blog from its beginnings) my parents were divorced when I was quite young, so there aren’t many memories of high decibel snoring in my head (my dad did snore but my mom-bless her heart- would close the door to their room)…

Now fast forward, form that Midnight in Paris, to (almost) 15 years later, I can still lay (lie-lay, have to do some research into which is which and when to use each) awake in complete disbelief at how he can sleep and make that noice at the same time and if I take it personal, which I fight off not to, how can he think that I am having a restful night’s sleep with him doing that…even my daughter gets out of bed and comes over to my side just to see if I am really asleep- of course I’m NOT!

(at first he didn’t believe me, he said I was exagerating so I recorded him, he just laughed and assured me that it was only a few minutes, that he did not snore at this volume the whole night…yeah, right, that’s something you will never know honey!!!)

So last night I came to two realizations:

1.- what has made me a half sleeper isn’t that I’m a worrysome mother, oh no, it’s the lawnmower in my husband’s nose and in my ears…

and 2.- I am going to have to forego the mini 15th anniversary vacation I wanted and politely ask my husband to give me the present of a good night’s sleep by having that horn removed from his nose…which, by the way, if you’ve read about sleep apnea -the not so silent killer- it can be very dangerous and not just because you are creating an angry, sleep deprived, resentful wife, but because it also deprives the brain and heart of oxigen…

I finally nudged him so that he would turn and not be facing me, I applied some miraculous magnesium oil my dad gave me to my neck (he says it helps relax the muscles) and after writing this post in my head (wow, it must be the oil because I remembered it today) I fell asleep…THANK YOU LORD!

Another day of packing awaits!

hugs people…

2 responses to “ACT…Midnight in Paris

  1. I honestly try to make light of the situation given that there’s other stuff far more important and like Dr. Phil said way back in the early 2000s: PICK YOUR BATTLES…and this is one problem that will not be turned into a battle (though sleep depravation can make me quite irritable)…hope I do get that present for our anniversary, it would be nice to sleep close together and not 3 feet apart…Thank you Karen 🙂

  2. My ex-husband used to snore and it drove me crazy. That’s not the reason we parted way, but snoring certainly made it challenging for me to sleep! I can understand your needs on this completely! 🙂

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