REACT…Mexico City like a mother from generations past

Yes, my dear Mexico City, to me, as I see you, now that I’m packing to leave, you are like one of those mothers we here of in stories from past generations…

…the mothers that would give birth and raise three, four or even five times the children we dare now have…of course to be exact, you have given birth and raised 20.4 million children (sharing third place with New York, according to United Nations data)

…and to add to your magnificence, you even give roof to us -THE STRAYS- that come to your door, you give us a place to sleep, food and water and EVEN ENTERTAIN US!!!

U2 360 TOUR at AZTEC STADIUM March 2011

…eventhough, you’ve got your hands quite full, you make it a point for the rest of the world to know that THEY ARE WELCOME to come and visit and enjoy all you have to offer

…I’m glad your children have taken care of you, letting some parts of you grow old gracefully…

Beaux Arts Palace, built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Mexico’s Independence and received a well deserved touch up for the recent 200th anniversary celebrations

but I’m also glad they’ve given you some nips and tucks here and there…along with a few by-passes to keep everything flowing smoothly…

2nd and 3rd level highways in Mexico City

showing us that to experience real change, long term change for the better- we must bear with momentaneous (i.e. years of…) inconveniences and discomfort

To show you their gratitude, your children have given you several pieces of jewelry specially last year that we celebrated the 200th anniversary

monument commemorating the 200th anniversary of Mexico’s Independence with 140meters in height, made up of 1,704 quartz panels

Mexico City, I am in awe of you and your magnanimity… you stand firm (unless there’s an earthquake in the surrounding areas, then you wobble a bit) even when all your children are pulling and tugging at you at the same time but in different directions…you still love them and give them all you can, showing them to be gracious and sharing with those you take in as your own…

Thank you Mexico City, I promise to come back and visit soon…I know my children will never forget you!!

I’ve still got two more weekends here so I’m going to make the most of them!! So smile because I’ll be taking lots of pictures…

6 responses to “REACT…Mexico City like a mother from generations past

  1. Aaaaahhh, the developing world, much better!! Thank you Marianne…is there any way I might read that article? Does it have an online version? 🙂 Mexico doesn’t get that much good publicity, and I’d love to share this article with my friend!!

  2. Yesterday, the largest newspaper in Sweden had a long and positiv article about Mexico City. Later I read your beautiful post. Always looking for new places to visit, I now feel “obliged” to visit this wonderful city, :). I think it’s called the developing world now… Have a nice day!

  3. Oh Karen, it’s a whole new city! I lived here in the late 90s and came back to find it totally different, though, thankfully we still have all those historical monuments surviving in the midst of its growth…please do plan a trip back, you’ll be surprised!!

  4. Oh, Thank you Marianne, it means so much to me to read your lovely words…I would recommend you add Mexico City to your list of places to visit before you’re 100…it is a crazy metropoli but also a wonderful cultural meltingpot, like NYC…you walk some parts of town and you can’t believe this is the capital of a 3rd world (is this label still used?!) country…read you soon!!

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