THINK…a PINterestingly BIBLICAL approach to STRESS

Hi everyone…while doing my rounds over at PINTEREST I came across this:


of course being in a constant fight against stress I welcome all the help I can get, so I decided, being the nerdy nerd I am to search out each one of these biblical quotes and feel the refueling of my spirit…

         JEREMIAH 29:11




            MATTHEW 6:19-21

There’s a part in the book I’m reading right now (The Happiness Project) where the author’s resolution is MINDFULLNESS, that is, to be aware in mind, body and soul of all her thoughts, feelings, actions and attitudes and one of her strategies is by putting up post-it notes in key places, where she knows she will read and apply the message…well, these biblical quotes are well worth this method, because (at least for me and my constant nervous energy) having a constant reminder that

I’m not alone,

that there is something to be learned from every tough experience,

that the weak let themselves be controlled by anger 

would give life matters an easier flow…

hope this lessens your week’s stress quota

hugs people!!

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