jajajaaa now this title sounds like a true DIY/craft blog…sadly it isn’t, not because I’ve got two left hands but because crafting can be a bit expensive, specially here in Mexico where at least half of the supplies are imported (and I don’t think my husband cares to sponsor another hobby)

so I just limit myself to DROOLING and DREAMING (I exagerate, I LOVE crafting and I am putting together a collection of crafts for a class I was offered to teach which I’m calling: CREATIVITY WORKSHOP…very excited people!!)

but for now, I DROOL and DREAM and COLLECT and SHARE

OK, so if you do the same and you love crafting you know that one of the trending crafts is using MAPS to decoupage even your face if you fall asleep while working… qu’est-ce c’est DECOUPAGE?

(please ignore and forgive my grammar/punctuation mistakes, it’s been a while since I’ve spoken/written in french so I enjoy any chance I get to try it out and re-french (jeje) my memory)

so without further ADO

(here comes another tid bit of info…I’m sorry, I’m so excited about going back to my job that I’ve put my teacher’s cap on and can’t take it off..) this one comes from the fabulous GRAMMAR GIRL ( some holy music in the background- my savior in moments of teaching mishaps)

get ready for some ooey-gooey decoupage craziness

and the LINKS!!

1. playroom

2. dresser/lamp

3. bulletin board


5.  map plates

6. place cards

7. map coasters

ENJOY PEOPLE!!! hugs, bon weekend!!

2 responses to “CREATE…Map-stravaganza+F.Y.I.

  1. Ouuuu! Merci beaucoup pour les links! Je veux apprendre a faire des lettres.

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