READ&THINK…imitate a spiritual master or NOT

Hello lovely readers…sorry for the absence…believe me, if I could I’d use this blog as others use twitter or facebook: to constantly share all I’m thinking about-of course if it’s worth sharing and worth your time…BUT I DON’T and I keep it all bottled up in hopes that I may remember when I do have a chance to sit and write or in case something better comes along and more worthy of your eyes…AND THIS IS IT…

As you already know, during this past spring vacations I finally bought THE HAPPINESS PROJECT by Gretchen Rubin…

Yeah, I started reading it in April and I have not finished. Honestly, I’m in no hurry!

There are two reasons why I haven’t finished and the second kind of justifies the first: first of all, I don’t get much time to read; and second I like to savor every single word, idea, concept offered in the text…so you see, when I do get the chance to read I go about it slowly, like eating my favorite fruit, I cut it up into small pieces and take each piece one by one and slowly bite off and chew, making it an experience for all the senses, WELL, THAT’S HOW I READ, plus the fact that I have a shorter attention span than a goldfish (thanks snapple bottle cap for the info: golfish have an attention span of 3 seconds…for a goldfish that’s enough, I think, it’s not as if it has to sit for two hours and watch the presidential candidates debate like we did last night)

Anyway…and for each AHA! concept or idea proposed my mind wanders of and it starts writing a reply  to the author…(someday I will do that!) so you can imagine…

Yesterday I had a chance to read from my book (that by now looks like a textbook with notes scribbled on the margins and phrases underlined once or twice depending on the use I’d like to give it)…and I stopped at this excerpt that I ABSOLUTELY had to share:

backstory: throughout the book Gretchen Rubin would post questions on her blog to get a better sense of what the everyday person felt on different topics, in this case the topic was: IMITATE A SPIRITUAL MASTER…and here is a part of what one of her reader’s commented…


I guess everyone had heard this theory, right? BUT in it’s REVERSE EFFECT, that is: WHATEVER YOU HATE IN SOMEONE IS SOMETHING THAT’S ALSO IN YOU…eeek, I cringe everytime I judge and my conscience reminds me this!!

which makes this CONCEPT a specially valuable one in my very (self-)critical way of thinking…changing my view on many things, most of all on the people I admire!

How about you? Had you heard this before? Does this change any names in your list of MOST ADMIRED?

my TO-THINK ABOUT list is beating my TO-DO list!!

read you soon, hugs people

4 responses to “READ&THINK…imitate a spiritual master or NOT

  1. These are great exercise. I advocate modelling successful/inspirational people. Find out how they did/do, what they did/do, and emulate it. 🙂

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