ACT…My Painting Journal GLAZING#1

So here’s an update and images showing the progress in my GLAZING study of the BLUE CERAMIC BOWL WITH SILVER SPOON…

first …ORIGINAL image on which my painting is based

sadly, I never took a picture of the first steps which were drafting the image, layers 1 & 2 of diluted/ transparent CERULEAN+BLACK, this second image shows another couple of layers of PRUSIA + BLACK on all the shaded areas…

then again I forgot to take a pic, but I started using very light GREY to bring out the light of the spoon, and experimented with SILVER oil paint to make it shimmer… how about that sad excuse for a straight line, that’s the problem with using something real for a model, you know quite well that a spoon doesn’t have a wavy outline…anyway…here I used the silver directly, silver+white, light grey in different variations…but the spoon made its triumphant entrance..FINALLY

now came defining the creases in the spoon’s original design…that was done with a prusia tinted black (if that is possible, which it was..jejeje)

and then dark skies came over me…sad, sad…I noticed that the curve of the spoon wasn’t noticeable…drove me a bit crazy so my teacher said I needed to thicken the ‘head’ of the spoon and give the stem a bit of a curve…all this by covering up the outline to force the appearance of the curve and opening up the head with greyish white…and it became FRANKENSPOON…poor little thin spoon with the pewny eyes …

so, to work on the spoons head and face, because after staring at it for so long I swore it had a face and it was begging for big, beautiful, well defined, proportionate EYES…the spoon got its eyes and I lost mine…and it was ready to be FRAMED (in the good, artistic way!!)…I decided on a silver leaf thick wooden frame to bring out the lady spoon in her fabulous silver, form fitting gown…yaaaaay…

ready for the expo!! I am so proud of my painting…it’s so PHOTOGENIC don’t you think?! its name is CHIAROSCURO

thanks for taking another authorized peek into my PAINTING JOURNAL



3 responses to “ACT…My Painting Journal GLAZING#1

  1. Thank you! This technique really taxed my patience at first because I knew it was very different from anything I’d done before and specially from any art that’s being sold nowadays…so I questioned it’s value, importance and significance as a “work of art” but I’m so glad I didn’t give up. I still have no idea if the rest of the world can appreciate this technique but I sure can, it demanded a change in attitude in me I had to assume a humble position before it and let the painting dictate the pace…so over all it was a great experience doing it and I’m really happy that you have enjoyed my journal…hope you come back because I’ve got three more paintings in the works and there’ll be more journal updates to take you on my journey…big hug, Alexandra

  2. It’s so cool that you painted that yourself 😉 I like being able to see the steps it took you to reach the final product, it’s like following along on an exciting journey! The detail on the handle of the spoon is beautiful. Good job!

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