TURNING 40…and chatting with GINA

Let’s continue our conversation with my lovely friend GINA, whose birthday is next week…

so, last time we left off here

ME: So, las time we left off with you telling us how you describe yourself, but, from experience I know that how we see and label ourselves changes with time…and so do the strategies we use to confront everyday situations (difficult people/situations, criticism, mistakes, priorities, how you see and judge yourself)…

GINA: Well, when it comes to difficult situations I take a close look and see if I can solve or be part of the sollution, IF NOT, I go with the flow and adapt to the new circumstances 

   Now, when it comes to DIFFICULT PEOPLE, I have come to understand that there are no difficult people just difficult to understand. However I try to surround myself with people that’ll help me grow instead of those who’ll hold me down. If I am in a relationship with a difficult person, then I just take it as a test to how strong I can be, a test to my reason and judgement.

   CRITICISM…I enjoy it because it means that someone’s paying attention and investing their time in talking ABOUT ME, be it in a positive or negative manner, it’s all GOOD…it would be sad if no one awknowledged my existance.

   making MISTAKES gives me a SECOND CHANCE. People who are worth it will forgive you and still love you for being imperfect.

   Oh my, PRIORITIES, they have most certainly changed in 10 years…

   HOW I SEE AND JUDGE MYSELF… I have regained my selfconfidence, I believe in me and in my capabilities, though I may sometimes have the people around me doubting what I can do, I don’t and sometimes that is your only motivation…

ME: Although the voice inside our heads is the one we should listen to, we have received well intentioned advice…who has given you the best advice and what was it?

GINA: I can only recall at this moment one piece of advice which has been with me since, it came form my mom, ans she said: The day you believe in yourself, that day everyone will admire you…

ME: Mom’s, always our number one cheerleaders…now, what has been the best advice you’ve given?

GINA: Live your day to the fullest, I’ve dedicated a blog to this!

ME: I agree, it’s very sad and even demoralizing to finish the day and become aware of having wasted it and still feel tired…So taking charge has always been one of your motivators, when did you first feel in charge and in command of YOU?

GINA: the first time that happened was when, for work reasons, my husband left and I was alone with my children and had to tackle manners of the home, finance and family all by myself…

ME: It can be a bit overwhelming to suddenly find yourself not only responsible for yourself but for two other small people that depend solely on you…Self-confidence, accountability…and now, TURNING 40, is it something significant in your life or is it just another birthday?

GINA: It means that I have reached this age with many dreams come true and that it’s time to check that list and add some more dreams for the coming 40…

ME: Oh yes, it’s time to re-write and readjust, rethink strategies…have you picked up or dropped any habits in preparation for your upcoming 40th?

GINA: The most important is that I’m exercising alot, I pay more attention to what I’m eating, I like to dress stylishly and in fashion, you know, look as young as I feel…

ME: I should be following your steps, but the only thing that gets any exercise is my brain and my mouth…when will I change my habits?!

OK people, so as I said before, Gina’s birthday is right around the corner which means that this chat is close to its end…Please come back for the third and last part in a couple of days and we’ll wish her a fabulous day

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