REACT…I’m turning into my MOM, one phrase at a time

so my children say…

“Mom, you just said that in the same tone Pipi (my mom’s nickname) uses!”

“Wow, that’s the same thing Pipi would’ve said!”

…and my husband is scared to admit

Here in Mexico we celebrate Mother’s Day on May 10th, ALWAYS!

So it was more than appropriate to put together this post.

I was inspired by this article from APARTMENT THERAPY titled: Turning Into My Mom, One Room at a Time

let me quote a key phrase (but please pop on over to read the full article)

“Like most kids, I spent my formative years oscillating between the hope that I would grow up to be exactly like my parents and vowing that I would be nothing like them. My sisters always comment that the vibe and aesthetic of my house bears a strong resemblance to our childhood home. I take it as a compliment.”

I loved the article and the recognition it gives the influence, without even trying, that our Mom’s have on us and that eventually become evident in the most unexpected places and moments.

For the author of the article her mom’s influence showed in her life through her house, for me it’s through my way of speaking among other things, of course you’d only know this first hand if you knew my mom personally but most of you don’t so you’ll have to take my word my children’s word for it !

a cursing MOMtrioska, jejeje…that’s US!!

People who know my mom don’t see it as strange or as disrespect when I use ‘bad words’ (I never, ever use the very VERY bad words…just the one’s to let of steam, you know the one’s I’m talking about) because that’s the way we talk and they know that we only express ourselves that way when we feel we’re in good, familiar company. In fact, I think they’d feel a bit awkward if we used ONLY proper language, they’d think something was wrong…

And so, my children have grown listening to us (my mom, my sister and me) talk that way, we’ve never hidden it and in return they know that eventhough they are not the ideal terms in which to express our feelings, they understand the special circumstances in which to use them and when they feel they are in those circumstances they ask me for permission to shout it from the top of their lungs and like magic it helps them feel alleviated of a burden…not so bad for a venting device, right!? they know they are not going to go vent just anywhere they feel frustration accumulating, they’ll have to wait till they get home and we’re alone (not in front of Dad) to let go…

It’s not just the ‘bad words’ apparently our voices are becoming more and more alike, it seems it is noticeable when talking on the phone…I became aware of this on our recent visit, everytime I answered, the person on the other end of the line would just talk on and on thinking it was my mom, I had to stop them before I found out stuff that wasn’t for my ears: “I’m sorry, it’s me Alexandra”…”ah! you’ve got your mother’s voice!”

In fact, in many ways it is she who is speaking through me!

I don’t know how she did it but she raised two pretty much down-to-earth girls, err, women and I am very grateful to her for that…and to show my gratitude I’m trying to do the same for my children…she never sweet-talked or candied-up the difficult situations in life and she gave us all she could always reminding us that it didn’t come from magic, she worked her butt off and in return she expected us to be thankful to God for giving her health and a love for her work, to take care of what she gave us because it didn’t come easy and GOOD GRADES…that’s all…and she was right: THANK GOD, APPRECIATE WHAT YOU’VE GOT WHEN YOU’VE GOT IT (not when you’ve lost it) AND GIVE BACK WHAT YOU CAN!! what else could you expect from children…

So now, everytime my children ask me, “what can I do to get a new so&so (lego set, laptop,etc) ?”

FIRST, get good grades, have your room clean, clothes well folded, toys in order to show dad that you appreciate all he does for us…

THEN, when you get it THANK GOD for Dad and for giving him health and a job he enjoys doing and take good care of it to continue showing your gratitude!

For my children, being with my mom is like another version of being with me: THE BEST VERSION and I love that! It feels so good, it gives my such tranquility to know she’s there for them…she even started exercising when my son was born and now her four grandchildren are benefitting from it


as it turns out,

motherhood never ends

it just turns into a fun place to be at

when it changes into


thanks MOM

for being the mother my sister and I needed 

and the


our children want

my MOM and her four GRANDCHILDREN, oh my their’s no 5th, IT’S A DOLL!!

btw…MATRIOSKAS have a very special place in our hearts, my mom brought back some from her trips to Russia, along with my name and several pairs of incredible ribbons to tie on my pony tail!!


5 responses to “REACT…I’m turning into my MOM, one phrase at a time

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  2. Me invitan a chillar con ustedes plis… Love your blog Ale!!! me hace reir y llorar al mismo tiempo, tipo STEEL MAGNOLIAS.. jejeje. love you guys.

  3. I’m sorry sweetie! maybe we should get together and just cry it out, we’ve been holding lots of stuff back for far too long!! ay mis monnios, por eso yo digo que hay cositas de nuestras hijas que deberíamos hacer el esfuerzo por guardarles aunque queden como recuerdos en una caja o en un libro, pero son lindos recuerdos que querran revivir con sus hijas o mínimo mostrarles esos detallitos de su infancia, pero esta en nosotras guardarselos y se que nos lo agradecerán!! esta vez que fui mi mamá me entregó una caja de tennis llena de notitas y cartitas de la prepa…te imaginarás que es ORO para mi y yo pensaba que ya no existía, que todo se había ido al bote cuando me casé..PUES NO! mi mamá me la guardóooooo…aaaaaaaaaaa, muero por leerlas a escondidillas…te mando un abrazote, and it takes one to know one sweetheart…tu también eres un ejemplo a seguir

  4. I don’t know how you do it but most of the time I read you I tear up…(in a good way though). Te mando muchos besos y abrazos…your doing a great job, MOM! (y mis felicitaciones a la Tia Pipi y a la Carlita). Lo maximo tus moños rusos 😀

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