REACT…Red Velvet

Right around Valentine’s Day PINTEREST was seeing red…

And among all the traditional stuff what caught my eye was the RED VELVET cakes and cupcakes…I’d look at the images and wonder how that tasted, how it got that super rich color, was it white chocolate with food coloring? did it have anything to do with beets? because up to know I had only seen that color on beets and maybe cranberries…but not on bread…so, I left it at that, Valentine’s Day came and went…

but that color…

On my most recent visit home my children and I were invited over to another of my darling friend’s home to spend the day…she is one of the best hostesses I know. She does not freak out over preparations nor does she get anxious with the mess that’s left after people come over for lunch…she’s always so relaxed and you can sense it in the atmosphere. My son feels right at home when we’re there, he gets the huge TV all to himself and my daughter goes off to have some girl chat with my friend’s daughter…leaving us to catch up, reminisce and rid the world of its troubles (all women do that when they are together, right? we fix the world)

Anyway, that afternoon my darling friend had a surprise dessert prepared…it looked like regular cupcakes, but she said, “I made them from scratch!” which didn’t suprise me, she is fabulous at making desserts, so I just answered “Yum!!” and she looked at me and repeated,”I made RED VELVET CUPCAKES from scratch” now to that I didn’t just repeat my expression of delight, I had to ask, “how?, how did you get the color?, are they any good? do they taste like PAINT?”


So we hurriedly finished lunch to get to dessert…

OK, I took the cupcake in my hands and did something I don’t even do with the most wanted present: I JUST RIPPED (do you rip, break, cut a cupcake-with your hands?) IT IN HALF…oh my, all I wanted to do was see that color in person, of course they were delicious…BUT THE COLOR

from that moment on

I can safely say

that along with blue in any hue and grey any way

I have added

to my short list of colors

that go through my eyes to overcome and overwhelm the rest of my senses

the color


it has to be called that: RED VELVET, it’s not red, it’s not burgundy or wine, nor is it crimson or ruby

red color palette





ICE POPSICLE conde nast gourmet art

Red Velvet and Double Chocolate Macarons





so, do you have a color that does this to you?

hugs, people

4 responses to “REACT…Red Velvet

  1. so let’s leave RED in food or in any other presentation for special occasions! and let’s indulge in ORANGE and COBALT…even imagining them together makes my heart skip a beat!! xoxo sister!!

  2. OMG, orange, now that’s a color that can get your heart racing and of course you know I’m a blue in any hue kinda girl so COBALT is just delicious and bright!! Yeah, I know what they use to make food red, not very nice!!

  3. For me it’s Orange but lately have become obsessed with Cobalt blue. Love the images but I had heard the same about red food coloring. Red velvet cake is the most popular dessert in LA. Everybody likes it.

  4. Orange does it for me. But lately COBALT blue is becoming an obsession. I love red velvet cake but I’m afraid of the color, same reason you mention. But it’s delish!

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