THINK…a revolution is taking place in blogland

or at least it’s taking up ONE post in many blogs, FOR NOW!!

I’ve got a cocktail of mixed feelings…I’m still in awe! I’m surprised! I’m bewildered! I’m CONFUSED! YES, most of all I’m CONFUSED…

so this is what is happening: apparently (if I clicked into my twitter acount more often I might have read about this before) it all started from a blog post that derived into a tweet that sparked a conversation which turned into


about what? about themselves- the blog authors, their lives and specially


As I write this I am sensing a bit of sadness in me…it saddens me to think that these fellow bloggers needed to be part of a  group to open up…but at the same time I feel relief that I’m not alone in my fears and frustrations, that a blog can be a place to vent and that I won’t be criticized or avoided  because of the extremely personal and open nature of some of my posts…

A saying comes to mind, that I had had trouble applying, but maybe this is a right moment:


could it be that we feel much safer sending our feelings out into the vastness of the virtual world that is the internet than confiding in a few close friends?

could it be that there are things that we feel so uncomfortable saying that writing them eases the stress of accepting our week points?

could it be that sometimes we feel less critical of ourselves when people that don’t even know us take the time to hear us out and comfort us?

or maybe, the virtual hugs and good wishes of our readers sometimes have a more healing effect than the real ones from family and friends?

I once read a blog post, that I wish I hadn’t, in which the author criticized THESE kinds of posts, she said that she considered it quite annoying to mix personal stories in with the more common design or DIY posts…

That post really hit me…but now this ‘movement’ has made it all the more evident that those EYE CANDY posts are written by people with REAL LIVES although  we could get the idea that the perfection in those posts is a reflection of the author’s perfection…

With this, it seems that these bloggers have found their breaking point and need some relief…

And as Gretchen Rubin puts it in The Happiness Project: BE GRETCHEN!!

…that is: BE YOURSELF, of course to be yourself, you need to find yourself and then accept yourself, learn to be comfortable with your less-than-perfect self, when this is done you can make it official by writing about it (if you’ve got a blog)…of course you could write about it, stare at the computer screen to see the magnitud of the waves your post creates and hope to get loving feedback which will help you to be comfortable in your own skin…potatoe-potato

here’s the link to the post that started it all…

and here’s the link to the post that offers the blog authors that are taking part in the CHALLENGE

Going back to me being confused by all this…could it be that we need to forget who we are to put together A PERSONA that fits the image of what we understand is a successful, well-known blogger?

If that’s the kind of sacrifice it takes, then I’m OK with anonimity in hopes that success will come on its own as long as it’s UNDER MY TERMS…

LIFE’S AS COMPLICATED AS YOU WANT IT TO BE…being yourself is one less complication to take care of!!

hugs people

p.s. what a relief, you’ve known I’ve got issues to deal with since day one of this blog and you’re still here…thanks

2 responses to “THINK…a revolution is taking place in blogland

  1. If you read my blogs from day one, you can see me reaching out… to anybody that has time to read what I feel….. writing is therapy. No interruptions, no time limit, no shrink staring …

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