REACT…so you’re celebrating 5 DE MAYO…?

Do you know what it is we are celebrating?

I don’t mean to be a PARTY-POOPER, but I’m seeing it every where, people are PREPARING FOR 5 DE MAYO with special ‘mexican’ inspired menus…and I insist:


Is it an excuse for preparing a delicious MEXICAN inspired MEAL at home?

Just so you have your facts straight and CELEBRATE 5 DE MAYO for what it is…


IT IS NOT MEXICAN CULTURE DAY…because every day is mexican culture day if you appreciate this country and all the good things it has to offer

this is what happened on MAY 5TH, 1862 (quoted from

“In January 1862 French, Spanish and English troops landed in Mexico to collect debts from Benito Juarez, the newly elected democratic president of Mexico. Spain and England did what they had to do and were out of Mexico.

The French, on the other hand, had something else in mind. Their intent was to conquer Mexico. French Emperor Napoleon III brought prince Maximillian and his wife Carolota with him to Mexico to rule the new Mexican empire.

On a stormy day in Puebla, 4,000 Mexican troops with machetes awaited an army of 8,000 well equipped French troops. At the end of the battle, there were 462 dead and more than 300 wounded French soldiers (as opposed to Mexico’s 83 killed and 130 wounded). Mexico also managed to capture 12 French troops by the end of the battle at Puebla.

And this is also the day when all military personnel vow allegiance to the national flag, to the country and to the institutions they represent.

So, if you’re not IN Mexico, and you are having a feast for 5 DE MAYO then you are celebrating

Día del Orgullo Mexicano or MEXICAN PRIDE DAY…

f.y.i. One of the national newspapers -EXCELSIOR- has a VERY informative article out today…

5 de Mayo en Estados Unidos: el origen de la fiesta

Now to that I say: SALUD!

Just for you to consider: if you ever want to celebrate an honest to goodness 5 DE MAYO you need to visit PUEBLA (where all the important events took place back in 1862).


2 responses to “REACT…so you’re celebrating 5 DE MAYO…?

  1. sweetheart, a visit to LA is very much needed and in order!! Remember a partir de AGOSTO I’ll be in your neighborhood, bueno a dos que tres vecindades de ti…now we just need for the hubby to let go of my leash

  2. Comadrita, I wanna celebrate Cincou de Mayou with you and a few Margaras. Maybe next year? Thanks for the links, will check them out. Happy Weekend!

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