CREATE…Why this works…

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Hi everyone,

My VISUAL personality has gotten the best of me…

I saw this vignette and fell in love!

and as I analized every bit of it I thought:

why does this work?

there’s and incredible mélange of colors, textures, PATTERNS, forms…

WHAT MAKES IT WORK? why is it so visually attractive?

So (as I see it, and I’m not a professional designer-disclaimer) this is why it works:

All elements are COLOR COORDINATED…

The NATURE MOTIF is repeated throughout- on the wallpaper, the cabinet in its shell(?) inlay, the vases, and of course the lovely tulip bouquet…

The FORM REPETITION is also a means of unifying the parts into a pleasing vignette- the vases on the wallpaper are mimicked by the real vases on the cabinet, as well as the free flowing nature forms on wallpaper, vases and cabinet

IT JUST WORKS PERFECTLY, though it might have, at first glance a haphazardly put together look, IT IS NOT!! It must have taken a good amount of CREATIVITY and DESIGN knowledge to put this vignette together

FABULOUS!! don’t you think?!

visit the site for more eye candy…

2 responses to “CREATE…Why this works…

  1. OMG!!! it is an explosion of colors and delightfulness (is that a word?)… love your post, as always… oyeeee, quiero ir a NYC contigo y la CRISB… de veras!!!

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