EYE CANDY…Vertical Gardening in Mexico City

Hello VERTICAL GARDEN! I said the morning I drove down the street on my way to my painting class…

We had been wondering what that steel structure was for… at first I thought it would serve as a kind of viewing point, although there’s nothing spectacular to view from that perspective…given the reduced dimensions I could not imagine it having any other purpose, though the evident reason for it’s placement was to cover the very ungraceful neighboring wall that had been left exposed due to the angled façade which does not stand parallel to the street.

So the months passed and there was the white steel structure in all it’s immensity, then another possibility came to mind: a VERY modern sculpture of some sort or maybe they’d cover it with onix or colored plastic (which I hoped wouldn’t be in primary colors, maybe in earth tones…aaahhh, that would look beautiful at night) and be lighted from the inside…ooooh!

Until that fabulous morning…AAAAAHHHHH IT’S A VERTICAL GARDEN here in México City, in my neighborhood. You can’t imagine how proud I felt and imagined talking with the designer and getting all the details on the creative process, what inspired them? how did they sell the idea to the client? how did they integrate the vertical garden to the buildings design? oh so many questions, sadly, I’m not that outgoing…DAMN IT!

Anyway…I started taking pictures of the process which, as everything in this country,  w e n t   s l o o o w…

no matter, I went back home for spring vacation and came back to find the workers in scafolding watering the wall with regular garden hoses…Oh no, I thought, please let this be till the succulents (oh, it’s made up completely of succulents, and you know the beautiful shades of green, blue and purple they come in…aaaaah!) become rooted to their little piece of land in the sky..hey that would be another set of questions: the mechanics of the garden- watering, maintenance, pruning, etc.

If you’ve followed this blog from the beginning or maybe had a chance to dig into the archives you’ll find that I had already written about VERTICAL GARDENING which when I saw that being done for the first time it completely mesmerized me (and made me feel a bit sad that now we had occupied all the HORIZONTAL SPACE leaving plants the only option of going UP)…

In this case it’s purely aesthetic/decorative and a fabulous idea…till now I haven’t seen another vertical garden in this city…I’ll keep my eyes wide open to see if I find another interesting vertical garden used around town.

For now, please enjoy!

collage and images by ME


TRELLIS IN COLLAGE TITLE: http://gardenmetalwork.com/2x8trellis.htm

COLLAGE BACKGROUND TRELLIS DESIGN:                             http://www.clairepotterdesign.com/theecospot/2012/03/14/tattoo-and-trellis-wallpaper/

22 responses to “EYE CANDY…Vertical Gardening in Mexico City

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  6. Hi Hani, so kind of you to have tracked me down…jajajaaa…OK a canvas-like fabric…I can easily find that here, the freezer paper is what worries me, I’ve added it to my grocery list! it was a pleasure visiting your blog, thank you

  7. I could not find your contact id for your query about freeze paper printing on pillow.. Here’s what she used “wasn’t sure what the name of the fabric is but it was a little thicker material more canvas like. They gave a ton of it to me and that fabric is all I’ve used. But I’m sure you could use any white or light colored fabric. Try a scrap piece and see if you like it.”
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