READ…and let it change the way you see yourself

I know, you are busy people but


It’s so uplifting and magical (I’m starting to think that MAGICAL is my word of the day)

how it goes directly to your soul,

you know, that spot in the middle of your chest

where everytime you bump into something that impacts you,

you kind of lose your breath for a few seconds…

yes, your soul…

so read and feel the words,

let them flow in you, carry you to your highest point

and change the way you see yourself,

let them soften up that over-critical you inside you…

Wise Counsel

Birds fly!
I don’t know how.
Have you tried flying with fixed wings?
I doubt if they would even lift you off the ground.
Flying is natural to birds,
they just do it!

Man stands on two feet.
Short feet, I would call them when compared to his height.
Proportion affects balance;
the more the upward disparity between height and base area,
the more the chances of toppling.
Man’s height, compared to the length of his feet should make him unstable, yet it’s a mystery that he stands and walks with much ease.

Swimming isn’t a thing of size;
there are prawns and there are sharks.
Neither is it of weight; heavy logs float and light rocks sink.
It’s obviously of design; boats can be made of wood or steel.

Everyone is made unique
don’t be a square peg in a round hole.
You’ve been designed to be yourself, don’t…

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5 responses to “READ…and let it change the way you see yourself

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  2. Smiles! You really are good with using words to generate interest and to create excitement! You have me lost in awe right now! Thanks for the reblog!

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