After a grueling 5 hours in the Mexio City International Airport, we (my children and I), finally boarded our flight and started our Spring vacations back home…

We were not in the best mind set about going back home to spend our vacations, we had been hoping for a beach vacation but my husband decided that we should go back and start prepping our house for our return in summer…so it’s been a semi-vacation…we are resting from the fast paced life in Mexico City but have not slept in once much less stayed in our pj’s…

anyway, we weren’t expecting getting much rest…

but something else Iwasn’t expecting was this…

new façade (at least for me!) of the State U MUSEUM

this was such a nice surprise…

as you might imagine, the museum from a small city is not something that can even compare to what you could visit in Mexico City, however this museum has a very interesting collection of local archeological artifacts from the different tribes that have occupied this desert land since its colonization, as well as serving as a Cultural Investigations Center, conference and local artistry exhibition space.

And since I do judge a book by its cover well you can guess that seeing this “portrait” façade made me look twice, go around the block and park to take some pics to share with you…

Feelin’ proud of the local museum and of my Alma Mater: Baja California State University where I got my Architecture degree and where I am now looking forward (and hoping with all my heart) to continue my studies in the new Arts Faculty…



4 responses to “DISCOVER…el MUSEO de la UABC

  1. UABC represent! Muy padre el look del museo, habrá que visitarlo cuando regrese. Happy Vacation.

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