REACT…it’s OFFICIAL, Youth is on my side NO MORE!

LA JUVENTUD YA NO ESTA DE MI LADO…y como mi pecho no es bodega

NECESITO DECIRLO! (para asi empezar a aceptarlo y continuar…)

Happy Birthday Again Goodbye Youth Napkins

and it has become ever so evident this week…



one I thought would not be so notorious in the blink of an eye

-Ok, it’s taken me 40 years to get here, but still it feels as though it happened over night-

(I just had a mini heartattck, jajajaaaaaa, let me laugh it out…

I deleted the post! jajajaaaa but DISCOVERED the wordpress undo button,

THANKS WORDPRESS! perfect for us seniors)

image of Happy Birthday Again Aging Cheese Napkins


on Monday afternoon some kind of bug caught me and had me in bed for 24+ hrs…

do you know what that means when you’ve got two small children,

a husband away on business and no family around?!:

our world stood still for that same time-

the children didn’t go to school, they fed themselves (cereal, what else!),

they “bathed” themselves (moms, you know why I’ve emphasized bathed, right?!)

they stayed in their pijamas all day long…

life as we know it didn’t visit our house that day!

image of Happy Birthday Again Getting Older Beverage Napkins

so during that time I did not drink any coffee, just didn’t feel like it, and 48 hrs passed with no caffeine, for me that is HUGE…until last night- POW – AWFUL POUNDING HEADACHE… I thought I was just tired and not quite over THE BUG, so I did nothing to remedy it (stupid mistake) and went to bed…

have you ever tried to sleep with a pounding headache…

IMPOSSIBLE (at least pour moi!)

tossed and turned, made up a few  OPENING LINES for future posts then couldn’t stop writing in my head and my headache turnd into a MIGRAINE WHICH EVENTUALLY TOOK OVER ME AND WON!

this morning after a half slept night my head hurts all the way to my jaw bone…

NOW…I took an aspirin and gulped down a cup of coffee, more as medicine than as a delicious drink…

in between GULPS was when I realized:


(well in the strictest of forms I am because I was born in the spring, jaja, potatoe, potato)

OK, now I’m a SPRING HEN….jajajaaaaa with a huge butt…

hey, laughing lessens the pain!

hurry tell me a joke!

so, being the spring hen I am, I THINK I need some man made, chemically composed, scientifically proven




Oh God, I don’t know if I feel better or worse at having said that….

I NEED to do some exercise

the only exercise video I’ve EVER done, liked and stuck to it

-plus the fact that in less than a month I saw incredible results…yeah way back when I was 20!-

was: (don’t laugh unless you’ve got a headache)

BUNS OF STEEL…jajajaaaa, can you imagine I did that watching a VHS video and now I want to go back,

I WANT MY BUNS OF STEEL (say it to the tune of I WANT MY MTV)

buns of steel

plus a huge cocktail of GNC vitamins (specially the B complex), minerals and the anti-aging anti-oxidants

so in my desperate state for exercising (yeah right, I wish!)

I found my BUNS OF STEEL video on YouTube…

here’s a peek, try it, it hurts like hell but aren’t buns of steel worth it?!

I’ve got to find some incentive to get back on track, two empty suitcases are waiting to be filled

(going back home for spring break-

hey! a year ago I got a REAL SPRING BREAK and spent most of the time in bed

with my perfectly pedicured toes up in the air with a lovely cast on- I asked for a break AND GOT ONE)

and a messy house waiting to be “cleaned and organized” 

read you soon wonderful people from all over the world!!

2 responses to “REACT…it’s OFFICIAL, Youth is on my side NO MORE!

  1. y conste que tu SI haces ejercicio mi chula, it has been a constant in your life and still it’s not something enjoyable maybe because we’re at that age when it’s now a responsability/obligation we have to ourselves…DAMN ITX2…

  2. Not that I like you being sick, but I like your humor about it. Yeah, time crept up on us, DAMM! They say exercise is the fountain of youth so maybe it’s not a bad idea to start. Key word: idea…

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