REACT…my life in this CITY these last days…

…has been very far from the norm..let me make a list or else my not-so-trustworthy train of thought goes off into the sunset…so, as I was about to list:

1. last weekend was my 40th birthday, wished for a memorable celebration, instead got a fabulous gift to mark the date (I’M NOT COMPLAINING, NO SIR, I’M NOT!)

my birthday collage

2. After the long weekend (Benito Juarez‘s B-Day and the beginning of Spring) was abruptly interrupted by the arrival of TUESDAY morning, we experienced an ever ruder awakening at 12:02 p.m…it’s a well known fact that when there’s a TELLURIC EVENT (I’m very respectful of Sir Telluric) in Oaxaca, it will inevitably be felt in México City, specially in the center of the capital (thank God I live in the South of the City, it’s supposedly a part of the city erected on volcanic rock and by some miraculous -because I haven’t investigated it so for now it’s a miracle- reason earthquakes aren’t felt as strong here as in the rest of the city)

rude awakening

3. and today, my HAPPY DAY, oil painting class day…

well, for the first time in my whole STUDYING life (I need to write this in capitals so that you’ll read it in a shocked voice)

THE TEACHER SAT ME IN THE CORNER OF THE CLASSROOM…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

she said that I was very talkative today and that I needed to concentrate and work in silence so I had to go sit at the empty table…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa …

so I sat there and this is what I did today…

GLAZING a.k.a. the turtle paced oil painting technique...

still working on the GLAZING (VELADURA) TECHNIQUE, but this is my second try at it…remember the navy blue with the aqua ceramic bowl+spoon, well the spoon is slowly turning SILVER…yaaaay, if I keep working in absolute silence I may finish in this lifetime

btw, the lemons and limes’ bowl photograph by Ruth Hill


whoa…as I write this, the lamp above my head and the coffee in my mug are dancing to the same rhythm…but it’s not me and my old age, it’s OAXACA!! bless the oaxaqueños, give them a restful night’s sleep…I know what it’s like to try to sleep in a non-stop shaking state…my hometown is directly ON the San Andreas Fault

but, let us not forget to…

xo people, “thanks for reading me”, says A.R.T.


4 responses to “REACT…my life in this CITY these last days…

  1. gracias gracias, si esta lindo mi anillo, simple, classic elegance, i think!! a que este evento telurico, si gracias a Dios (por mi parte) no pasó a más…mis limones- en proceso pero ahi van apareciendo lentamente, chula ahi te los ensennio cuando los acabe, siempre y cuando resulten fotogénicos..te mando un abrazote..por ciento, en el post de DISCOVER…SALTLABS va una notita para ti, la Cristy y la Gina, los cojines de abajo…hazles un acercamiento y verás

  2. Padrisimo tu regalo y ese pastel se veia muy rico, mala onda lo del temblor pero que bueno que solo fue el susto…. Tus limones muy lindos, como todo lo que pintas….

  3. graaaciaaaas!! yo también, me encanta que queda como “conmemorativo” del cumple! gracias, a que mis limones, es el segundo cuadro que hago de limones, el otro es un estudio de un cuadro de Renoir…como la vez?! eso si, creo que orejas de burro no lo aceptaré…big hug

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