REACT…TURNING 40 and realizing that…

ME: OK Turning 40 and realizing that…?


ALEXANDRA: that through this blog I have vented all my personal conflicts and doubts and many of them have been resolved…

realizing that I am honestly losing my eyesight…

that 40 is not the new 20, or the new 30…it is THE NEW VERSION OF THE NATURALLY OCCURING 4OTH BIRTHDAY… my 40th is very far from what my mom’s 40th was, not only in time but in appearance and in PROMISE…

I see a lot of PROMISE in the years to come… I know I can keep dreaming, after all I’m a Piscis, and we are the world reknowned DREAMERS par excellence AND I also know I have what I need to make my dreams come true, they won’t just fill my bored moments as they did way back when… they are the foundations to my life plan

I am grateful for all the stumbles and road blocks I have had to think about and get myself out of…

I love that I can now express admiration and love without hesitation…it’s nice to hear it said back but I am never expecting it, which makes it even more sweeter

I prefer for people to see me as funny, intelligent and creative than any other compliment I might get…because the first I have worked for and earned anything else comes from good genes

I have learned that few things bring me happiness…the rest of the time, I feel pride, gratitude, love…although these are feelings I keep in my heart, they are brought on by the interaction with others and HAPPINESS is in me, in how I see life and how I react to everything around me…

That is my mantra, specially when I’m feeling out of sorts, I remind myself to CHOOSE HAPPINESS/FIND HAPPINESS…choose happiness over anger, choose happiness over sadness, choose happiness over disappointment 


so, for my 40th birthday I want to thank everyone who has by chance stumbled upon my blog, given it a chance and has kept coming back…I would have never in a zillion years thought I would be doing this…

every one of your visits act as an AFFIRMATION to the existence and persistence of this blog…



6 responses to “REACT…TURNING 40 and realizing that…

  1. Hey there pretty lady. Que bonito post! I hope you have an amazing birthday, because it’s still going on, right? I feel we should celebrate the whole year…We will celebrate together soon, promise. I enjoy reading and “discovering” you just as you do. All my love, besos y abrazos.

  2. Terrific work! This is the kind of info that are meant to be shared around the web.
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  3. Thank you sweetheart…you see, I need to let go of all those hangups, if in the process I find an empathetic heart and mind then it makes the journey less lonesome for me and for the kindred spirit out there…I’m glad you are one of them! What seems over night was just a matter of giving myself the chance to BLOSSOM (as you say) not judging myself through other’s beliefs of what is right, important and worthwhile…this has made all the difference…I too am grateful for a second chance at rebuilding childhood friendships with the added bonus of fabulous life stories to tell each other…love you friend..thank you for being part of my TURNING 40 adventure…In the blink of an eye I’ll be back home..xoxo

  4. WOW Ale….you remind me of the magic beans from the “Jack and the beanstalk” story…you just blossomed in an exponential manner over night, while most of us were sleeping. I know i’ve said this before but I really do admire your courage in the way you have opened your thoughts to the world…I dont think I could be as candid as you about my vulnerabilities…my hat goes off to you!
    I am so grateful to feel so close to you again, ironically now that we are so far apart (territory-wise). I am continually in awe of how much I realte and identify with what you think and feel, and at the same time celebrate the differences that enrich our frienship.
    Happy pre B’Day…te esperamos en tu hometown

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