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I see some of these couplings and regret with all my heart not having paid enough attention back in high school when our philosophy/ psychology/ literature teacher talked with such admiration and passion about them…

but if I may take advantage of the moment and say that HAVEN’T THE PEOPLE IN THE EDUCATION DEPARTMENTS OF EACH COUNTRY NOTICED THAT TEENAGERS COULDN’T CARELESS ABOUT THIS VERY,VERY VALUBLE INFORMATION…would it be possible to consider a different approach or presenting them to these historical figures at another level in school, maybe younger when they love hearing stories and can find (as a teacher) cartoons explaining what otherwise is seen as A COMPLETE DRAG…

yes, now that I’m old and very ignorant in these subjects I realize the value of knowing about these people’s lives and works…

I now hate having wasted my chance to be meticulously explained who they were and how their work impacts life today…

Today I have to make a special effort (in time, concentration, money) to start filling in those cultural gaps which I am so sad and ashamed to have…

anywho….My son was walking past the computer and stopped (if I could add sound effects, the screaching tire noise would be adequate here) and stared (he loves, loves stuffed toys!) and shouted THAT’S MOZART, MOM I NEED TO HAVE MOZART HE WOULD BE GREAT NEXT TO MY ANGRY BIRDS, PHINEAS, FERB AND PERRY… WHO ELSE IS HERE…IS THAT JESUS? JESUS IS NOT BLOND…WHO’S THE GUY WITH THE SPIKED HAIR? WHAT DID HE DO? MOM IS THAT DALI? THE ONE FROM THE DRIPPING CLOCK? HEY! AND HE’S THE ONE FROM THE BLACK AND WHITE QUICK MOVIES (Chaplin)…

and before starting to answer his never ending questions I THANKED GOD, because this is a (just turned) 6 year old boy THAT IS VERY INTERESTED IN THESE PEOPLE AND WHAT THEY DID! I don’t care that it was a group of stuffed puppets what called his attention, the point is HE IS 6 AND INTERESTED ….yaaaay…more than I can say for me at 15!

So, he wants MOZART, DALI, WARHOL and wants to know about Freud and the US Presidents (I’ve got some reading to do) …meanwhile I need to read up on KAFKA+JAMES JOYCE (literature, right? memory don’t fail me now), LAO TZU+PLATO, SOCRATES (philosophers, right…btw I’ve got these books in my PINTEREST BOARDS…would these count ?)

...        Driving with Plato by Robert Rowland Smith

and how about TESLA+EDISON?! (electricity?!)

anyway, imagine having these puppets at every preschool and introducing young children early on to these important figures in history…yeah, even Marilyn…she was an icon (my children already saw 7 Year Itch and loved it)

Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents (you make anything sound funnier and more interesting!) WE’VE GOT OUR WORK CUT OUT FOR US…


let’s make a teacher’s job less stressful by sending an INQUISITIVE CHILD off to school!

inquisitive: Given to examination, investigation, or research; searching; curious.


  1. sabes hay que ver la forma de ofrecerles esta información antes de que nos manden a volar…ahorita el tema del momento del Pablo es Mozart, esta encantado con toda la historia y el rollo de los volcanes lo trae de cabeza, acaba de llevar una presentación del Vesuvio- el escogió el volcan por un documental que vió en la tele…en estas cosas creo que si puede ser demasiado tarde después…ahorita son unas esponjas y si se los presentamos de una forma amena pues imaginate el bagage cultural que ya traerán cuando se los empiecen a presentar en la escuela…

  2. Love these monitos! Love that your son is interested, made me think about the ways we/ I (as aunties) have to contribute to the learning experience. Y si hacemos unos? falta Frida and Diego, hehe. Great post as usual!

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