ACT…I judged a JUICE by its BOTTLE

Remember my post from yesterday, when I admitted that I judged a book by its cover…

well, I’ve done it again…

and I think that if I went through all my stuff, I would find many more things that have been eye candy to me, love at first sight decisions!

this time it happened with a juice bottle (because the juice in it wasn’t the defining element in this)

I was walking through the dairy aisle in the supermarket to get a gallon of milk when a lady approached me and started making her pitch for the juice…

HONESTLY ALL I COULD HERE WAS BLAH,BLAH,BLAH because my attention was totally trapped by the MINIMALISTIC-BIG SHOT OF COLOR-GOOD TYPE PLAY presentation the juice had, but I respectfully let the lady finish talking before taking a bottle in my hands…

then she offered a taste, YUM!! it was soooo good and I felt such relief, because I was aware of my irresponsible decision based on LOOKS and had thought: if it’s not good, when noone’s looking I’ll just wash out the bottle in the sink and do whatever with the bottle, maybe just keep it as a reminder of good packaging, nice font use, etc. (and then go buy the other two flavors: lime and guava just for the colors) superficial ME!!

so, take a look at my newly discovered EYE CANDY and MOUTH WATERING drink

collage and images by ME

so here it is…let me do a little translating for anyone that doesn’t read spanish..because let me tell you THIS IS A MEXICAN PRODUCT… feelin’ proud




AGUAMIEL: honey sweetened water

MAGUEY: the native term used to refer to the ALOE plant from which several drinks are made, among them the alcoholic drinks TEQUILA (the best known are from Guadalajara, Mexico),  MEZCAL (from Oaxaca, Mexico) and PULQUE (a very fermented drink from anywhere, Mexico)

MEMBRILLO: quince, a fruit that has to be put through some kind of cooking process to be ingestible; used to make puree and marmalades


product info…a revitalizing drink rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals…claims to be a natural source  of soluble probiotic fiber beneficial in the digestive process and absorbtion of nutrients plus it fortifies the immune system…

hope this very mexican product can soon find it’s way to the aisles of your local supermarkets and when it does buy one and drink it to our health, CHEERS!!

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