ACT…I DO judge a book by its cover…

I know it’s wrong…

I know many do it but don’t admit it


…because, to me, choosing a book is like starting a relationship with someone and I have to admit that looks (I know it’s wrong) have had a lot to do with that decision, they either open or close a door (drastic, immature, unfair ME)…I KNOW IT’S AWFUL and I know I have missed out on wonderful books and fabulous people because of this

but I’m a VISUAL person and I can’t help it

haven't read it, interesting title, NOT MY KIND OF COVER

I don’t like books that have a photograph of clouds, a sunset/sunrise on a beach, adding a couple holding hands makes it worse…

I don’t like any type of photograph and if it HAS TO HAVE A PHOTOGRAPH well, do something to it, make as if it’s on your fridge door, on your bulletin board, in a frame on your messy desk/ lovely mantle/ bookcase…

trace the image by hand to give it your personal touch, write the title by hand on it..

all of these ideas make a book with a photo cover likeable to me (who declared me bookcover judge?!)

clouds, that the anxiety antidote...

I like to see the author’s influence starting from the cover, not just in picking the image, I want to see more…

I think this mostly happens in self-help books…with this images of ETERNITY I think the author detaches him/herself when it should be the other way around, be with your reader make a connection…

I’m not saying that all authors should be graphic designers but, imagine seeing the author’s handwriting or even the author’s hand, the hand with which he/she scribbled the first ideas on paper and with which he eventually signed the contract to have his  œuvre (a substantial body of work constituting the lifework of a writer, an artist, or a composer.) published.

I see something very significant in all of the examples I’ve given…TO ME, it gives the book a PERSONALIZED quality, it’s like having it autographed…and if you’ve had the honor of having a book (CD, t-shirt, face) autographed by your favorite writer/artist well you know how a book (which in essence is a jewel) becomes a treasure

Does this make any sense to anyone?

Now that I think about it, only ART comes autographed and don’t tell me seeing the artist’s handwriting on it doesn’t make it surreal, even when possible (specially in sculpture) you run your fingers over the signature…TO CONNECT

Oh my, train of thought, I can’t catch up…

This is something my husband doesn’t understand (one of the zillions of things that I say that he doesn’t get) he urges me to sign my paintings and I can’t or won’t… because signing your œuvre is more than claiming AUTHORSHIP (does this word exist, in spanish it does, let me check…yes it does) it’s leaving one final imprint that says I’m done, it’s yours if you like it but in essence it will always be a part of me you’re taking…and I’m both not ready to let go of my art and haven’t found how to artfully scribble my name in a way that it also adds to the quality of the painting…anyway…

So take this to the land of books…as an author don’t you give a little bit of yourself in every book you write? so make each copy a morsel of that bit by personalizing it with your singular imprint…

GABY VARGAS the author and ME the book cover judge from hell in the proximity of awesomeness

So Alexandra, where is all this rambling coming from? well, today I had the fabulous opportunity of being in a conference by a wonderful, intelligent, prolific mexican writer of, none other than: SELF-HELP BOOKS…I saw the cover of her latest book when she first gave a sneak peek on twitter… She announced it with such happiness that I, of course, made no comment because who the hell named me book cover judge, right…but I did think, hhhmm, I think I’m not buying the book, it should be good but I’m not getting the urge, not feeling the connection, the calling…

and I didn’t till today, you want to know why?

because she was there to personalize it…NOW I DON’T GIVE A HOOT WHAT THE COVER LOOKS LIKE, FOR ALL I CARE I COULD JUST RIP IT OFF and leave the first page with her lovely, free flowing handwriting on it, now this book is from her to me and to all the people who waited after the conference to have her autograph it…her handwritten name has made it A TREASURE

what a pic..I was hurriedly taking of my coat to look nice in the photo but my friend clicked and here I am for posterity...

I won’t go into another of my book cover sensibilities which is TYPOGRAPHY…omg…no, no…

so, if the shoe fits…TRY IT ON (I won’t say WEAR IT because who the hell…blah, blah you know the rest)

feed the blog people, it won’t bite!! it knows better than to bite the hand that feeds it, right A.R.T., good bloggie

btw, I've got to finish the marriage/self-help book (with a not so nice cover- but it was a present from mom) and ASAP start reading my NEW AUTOGRAPHED TREASURE OF A BOOK BY GABY VARGAS "Conéctate"'ll soon be reading more about it

13 responses to “ACT…I DO judge a book by its cover…

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  2. you’ve put together a very nice package…it will be very well received Stu!! I’m subscribed to your blog so I’ll hear about it as soon as you post (hey, there’s another meaning for ASAP: As Soon As you Post)

  3. I’ll make sure of it – and by the way, there’s an insane bonus coming with the book which I hope is going to really help people get the most out of the guides. Keep an eye out for the training videos coming soon where you can get details. 🙂

  4. Sure will – you’ll have to buy it through my website (still being constructed) and NOT Amazon so it comes direct from me. 🙂

  5. Wow, that was some well thought out feedback! 🙂 Some great ideas there. Unfortunately, I have to go with one of the 3 designs shown as the book is going to print Monday!!!! Yikes! huge thanks for your input – I look forward to asking you with plenty of time for the next one. Thanks so much for reading my blog posts – they are all excerpts from the book. By the way, I’ve got some great names agreeing to be featured within its pages including Hale Dwoskin, John Assaraf, Lisa Sasevich, Brian tracy, Dan Sullivan, Scott Ginsberg, Dean Jackson and many more. Stay tuned for launch date! 🙂

  6. Oh my goodness, Stu…I do feel VERY strongly about what I wrote and well (I’m hesitant, can you tell, I don’t want to step on any toes) option A LOOKS TOOOO MUCH LIKE THE COVER ON THE SECRET BOOK, the color scheme is the same, that kind of medieval padlock kind of thing, the typography is also very much alike…B IS JUST THE THING I TALK ABOUT IN THE POST I understand it represents freedom after a long day because of the sunset, but isn’t there anything else, besides your main topic is CHANGE (maybe a before and after kind of image and not something that comes naturally like day and night…oooh this is good how about Stu a rock and a diamond, a split screen of the rock with half in the rough and half polished and worked by man into a diamond with the whole -what’s the name of the place where they have lots of rocks, I’ve got such a headache- well lots of rocks in the background symbolizing the ones that haven’t read your book and achieved change, whew!) and C-TOO IMPERSONAL, it’s like whoever you are out there and the breaking chains, TOO HARSH we’re not talking about an addiction, living a frustrated life is in many ways a decision, it’s a decision to not take action that keeps us there…Stu, I really hope this helps and I know your book is good because ‘I’M TAKING THE OPPORTUNITY’ to read your posts one by one and they are trully inspirational and to the point…thank you for asking my opinion, you flatter me

  7. imaginate mi chula si no tuviera este blog para escribir estas cosas que antes mi madre me decía DEJA DE ESTAR DICIENDO Y PENSANDO EN (lo siguiente dependía del ánimo) a-pendejadas b-marihuanadas… but I do make some sense, don’t I? jajajaaaaa me encanta que me digan que los hice reir o pensar…me alimenta el alma..xo

  8. Ja! que cura Ale…nunca se me hubiera ocurrido pensar eso…yo no soy muy visual, yo soy muy de conceptos, necesito entender las cosas en mi mente y en ocasiones las imagenes me distraen….mi hija Aranza es como tu…el voy a leer esto, xq le va a encantar!

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