READ…in my eyes AUDREY HEPBURN will never have a DARK SIDE

since when is being HUMAN equal to having a DARK SIDE… or maybe I relate the term DARK SIDE too much to Darth Vader, now his was one of the darkest sides ever…or how about Joan Crawford in the movie Mommy Dearest (based on a real life story)…yikes!!

Anyway, it’s not like I wanted to make Ms. Hepburn my children’s godmother or anything…we, as fans, get to know the PERSONA they want to show…and I don’t resent not knowing THE DARK TRUTH…but now, I had the chance to sadly read this article…yes, I sadly read it, because I, as all Audrey Hepburn fans are, was well aware of her fragility, it not only showed in her very thin figure but also in her eyes, not even when trying to be a VIXEN did her ingenuity not show (at least I think so!) and then you read a little about her bio and your suspicions (or mine) were confirmed…

So, here you have the article that claims to show- or is titled- THE DARK SIDE OF AUDREY HEPBURN… harsh!! but nevertheless INTERESTING READ…

VIA to go to article site

One response to “READ…in my eyes AUDREY HEPBURN will never have a DARK SIDE

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