2 responses to “THINK…on turning 40…

  1. of course taken literally LIFE BEGINS AT 40 is totally absurd, but in my case LIFE AS I WANT IT TO BE, DOING MOSTLY WHAT I LOVE AS MY PERSONAL PRIORITY has begun now that I’ve given myself the chance, that my children don’t need me THAT much (although they are young, I have always made it so that they can be as indepedent as possible-getting their own cereal/juice/clothes from the drawers, etc) which frees up time for ME…and this decision has coincided with my upcoming birthday..I didn’t plan it that way, things just fell into place and I took advantage…but I think that there are people that conciously postpone (sacrifice) their plans for a later date, who’s to say you’ll get the chance? me, I am lucky to be getting it and to have the means to take advantage of it…oh and CRISIS IS CHANGE TAKING PLACE, i read it somewhere recently, I feel it too drastic, but it does apply to my country’s situation, and seen from a political perspective, the phrase OFFERS HOPE!! jajajaaa maybe, from your comment, we could do a little switch-a-roo and re-phrase: PANIC MAKES CHANGE TAKE PLACE, with a sidenote in minusculous type: beware of your innevitable mortality, if you’ve got things pending, get moving… Stu, thanks for your comments, both have got me thinking, and who desn’t enjoy that?!

  2. Life begins at 40! Why do they say that? Crisis is change taking place. That’s another one. I think it’s because we get on a track in our youth – get a job, climb the ladder, get a house, get married, have kids, save for holidays etc. Then, before we know it we’re 40. Our kids are grown or nearly grown and we start to remember all the things we were going to do with our lives – but didn’t. We start considering our mortality. Then we panic because we’re running out of time. So… if you are inspired and motivated by that panic you take action. And you start LIVING! Life really can begin at 40 – if you let it. 🙂

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