Remember yesterday’s intro on the topic?

Well, I didn’t exactly sleep on it, I laid in bed thinking about it for a while, because this is one of those things where you

quote by ME from entrepreneurs CLICK to read complete article

have to dig deep and all sorts of stuff starts spurting out…

What is MY driving force?

What motivates me to do what I do?

And surprisingly, it depends on the task at hand, if I look at it from the particularities of life, you know, the everyday to-do list, my motivation has pretty much morphed into OBLIGATION and a bit of NECESSITY, I have to and I need to get things on my list done, there’s not much to think or debate about there…

Then there’s the rest of my life, the part when I’m not wearing an apron or pushing a shopping cart or carrying school and lunch bags…THE PART THAT’S ALL MINE…now that’s the one that’s a real thinker not because it’s hard to do but because my IDEA of what my motivation is has changed a lot a little time…

quote by ME from entrepreneurs CLICK to read complete article

I don’t tackle MY STUFF  by obligation, because if I didn’t want to I wouldn’t color my hair and I could just leave the grays to shine in all their splendor…BUT I DON’T, because I don’t feel gray YET! I feel full of color…as a dear aunt told me the other day WE LIVE LIFE IN ALL DIFFERENT SHADES AND COLORS, WHILE OTHER’S LIVE LIFE THROUGH SMELLS

I don’t paint because I’m bored, I paint because I need this special code to express my deepest thoughts, not everything is said in words…

I don’t write this blog just to be in vogue (the prevailing fashion, practice, or style…from the free I write it to free up space in my brain’s harddrive for more thinking…

I don’t suddenly play GRAPHIC DESIGNER just for fun, I do it because I was once denied (money matters) the chance to do it for real and now I would be very dumb if I kept denying myself the chance to prove that I can do it, there’s no one or nothing holding me back today…

I do what I do because I need constant change that lets me know that I’m alive, eventhough I keep a strict routine in everything else!

And generating change requires creativity…

Showing myself how creative I can be motivates me to keep doing what I do…EVERY DAY

so CREATIVITY is my FUEL…that’s why I studied architecture (instead of graphic design), that’s why I went into teaching, that’s why I paint and write and doodle as much as I can…I’m hooked on it, the day I know I won’t be able to write or paint or doodle, THAT is a sad day for me, a day that flows by like thick syrup…S.L.O.W.L.Y.

for more on this from an EXPERT…I recommend:

MOTIVATION   By Audrey Marlene, MS  ‘Determine What Drives You’

here’s a quote from the article…


Hey, I can relate to more than one…how about you?!

3 responses to “THINK…the DRIVING FORCE…recap

  1. SIGNIFICANCE…i like that, leaving something worthy of being called a LEGACY…you’ve got me thinking about the significance of my actions today, and maybe I haven’t visualized it on a larger scale, but i would like for everything i do to define me in my children’s eyes as a creative-thinking mom…I’ve got a thing with words that let you manipulate their meaning by adding your own twist…I’m liking very much the word SIGNIFICANCE …thank you…I hate when a good comment gets deleted, that’s why I’ve started copying my comments before I click on publish, inspiration doesn’t repeat itself…

  2. I just wrote a long comment ‘before’ logging in and now it’s deleted it! Grr! Anyway, the jist of it was I liked your post and that I related to your situation. I used to be the constant multi-tasker that never actually got anything finished. I changed! Life’s too short and I want to do too much, so a while back I started focusing on one thing mainly. I still do other things but the majority of my effort goes into one thing at a time. My motivation? Significance. I want to leave a legacy of achievements, I want to accomplish things. I enjoy it and I want to do as much as I can. My upcoming book shows the way. Cheers, Stu 🙂

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