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DRIVING FORCE, you know: your motivation…the impetus that pushes you to achieve a goal…the energy that gives you the impulse to go for it…

let me give you a bit of backstory to where this came from…

You see, today as I was driving to pick up my daughter from school I turned on the radio to a music station -I don’t like to listen to the news when my children are around…so, a news update came on and from one capsule to another they were all talking about the upcoming presidential elections and how each party is about to decide who their candidate is going to be… in between capsules a recording by a well-known actress came on asking us- the listeners- if we wanted to continue on the same path, the path we are on, the path that has us….blah,blah…listing all the country’s problems and blaming the current president for ALL of them…and that’s when I thought: why is she doing this? what has she got to gain by bad mouthing the President, by alarming the population? but most of all, what is she getting out of backing the worse party there is?

And honestly, the only answer I could think of was MONEY and POWER…I immediately turned the radio off…this is horrible…

Because-continuing with my train of thought- we are a HUGE country…where more than half the population is in a state of poverty… illiteracy? a lot…honestly I don’t even want to know the statistics

So, this is where it all becomes a bit incomprehensible…how/why are these people FIGHTING to KEEP this country when it’s in such an awful state… I see it as going to a used car auction and having the most bidders on the worse car…

Or MAYBE, that car is a jewel of a car but the original owners of the vehicle present at the auction have been made to believe that it’s junk and all they feel is pity for the fool that buys it (aaajajaja  remember A Team’s Mr. T: I PITY THE FOOL…) and for themselves for having it in their hands…

This worries me, saddens me, angers me… we do have a jewel on our hands, the most undervalued jewel there is, because in this country a diamond in the rough IS CALLED A STONE and you just kick it around

ANYWAY, after this uber-long intro…I come back to the question:



This is a question I’ll have to sleep on…

2 responses to “THINK…what is your DRIVING FORCE

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