REACT…Chatting with my sister-friend…TROISIÈME PARTIE (part 3)

Well, yes, this is the third part of my chat with my sister-friend…

Something amazing and totally unexpected happened…

when she was reading her own answers (from part 2) SHE SURPRISED HERSELF, she saw someone she wasn’t totally sure was her…

her answers amazed her…

we don’t get to read our own thoughts, they just silently sit in our minds and souls waiting for their chance to make a difference in our lives…

I love and appreciate this response from her!! thank you sister-friend!!

so any way…let’s continue chatting

tell me what has been the best advice you’ve received and who was it from?

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          I’ve received lots of good advice from lots of people, but I’m going to mention three that have left a deeper impression:

‘Don’t be a common denominator, Cristinita’…from mi Dad

‘Always have your eyes wide open’…from my Toto (grandfather)

‘When in doubt about what to do- in matters of the heart- always ask yourself: “What would Salma (Hayek) do?” and there is your answer’…from Alex

Oh I do love and can understand why these have left a deep imprint…BE ORIGINAL, BE ALERT, BE INTERNATIONAL-CHIC!!! I wish I had known Alex, my namesake- TOCAYO!!

Now, the other way around- toot your own horn, sis! Tell me what has been the best advice you’ve given based on the effects  it had on the recipient…

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        Don’t cry friend, you’ll get wrinkles.

        WRITE A BLOG!! 

Ajajajaa now that’s some great advice…hey! I wrote a blog and you were right, it’s the best thing I could have done ..

And, by personal experience, You have given me more useful, loving, logical, positive, empowering advice than I could ever keep count of…you and bloggie have been my life line more than once…THANK YOU (hugs, hugs)

When did you first realize you were your own boss? That only you were responsible for yourself and your acts?

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It was a life altering day for many…

Fast-forward…we’re going to be 40 in a couple of days…does it have a special significance to you or is it just another birthday?

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     …I see it as something good. RIGHT NOW . 

…My grandmother…: ‘Turning 40 is just the most natural thing.’ 

BEAUTIFULLY PUT…Grandmother’s are the wisest…

I can totally relate…there’s a whole post on this

What habits have you stopped or taken up because of your upcoming 4oth?

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So sweetheart, we’re going to be 40…is IT what you imagined? are YOU what you imagined you’d be? did you ever envision this moment? do you look like your mother did when she was 40?

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jeje…love the definition there…PROSPECTION…

Oh, When Harry Met Sally…’and I’m gonna be forty…someday’ FABULOUS, I think that as you love Woody Allen, I love Nora Ephron…

Our mother’s are amazing women…and I bet if we ask them about their 40th birthday they’ll say : ‘WHAT?!’

I never thought a forty year old had the ability/audacity to act silly and joke around like we do…

I am also a late bloomer in many ways specially where amturity is concerned…oops

Have you set a goal to accomplish or an objective to reach before your 40th?

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       I’m going to treat myself to a trip to my favorite place in the world: New York…

It’s funny how in a way our 40th bday has been a kind of ending and beginning of many things…hhmmm!!!

It amazes me that before, our mistakes would leave us not wanting to eat, to sleep and even not wanting to live and NOW we see our mistakes as opportunities to grow, to forgive ourselves and continue forth…what place does forgiveness have in your life?

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I have opted to IGNORE or FORGET because I’m too far from being DIVINE which makes FORGIVENESS so damn complicated, but if I’m the one that needs forgiving, then my middle name is MERCY!!!

What place do FRIENDS have in your life?

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       They’ve got a very important place, specially when they’re not near!

Aaaaawwww… dido (same as what the other person in the conversation said.) sister!!!

How about dreams?…

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       I’m always dreaming!

Same here!! and blogging and painting…

Let’s do a visualization exercise…How far in life do you want to go?

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       I’ve got so many plans. I want to achieve many important things. Keep my independence. Contribute to humanity with something positive. Write a book. Make a documentary. Travel and look GOOD while doing it!

jajajaaaa…You go girl!! Can we look good and not wear high heels? That would make my plans a lot easier to achieve…

Besides planning to look good while conquering the world, do you have a mantra or an affirmation that you repeat to yourself constantly?

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       God in you I trust….thank you… thank you… thank you…Everything I need to know is revealed to me.

love it!! you invoke the only fountain of true worth: our faith!!

Well dearest sister-friend this has been fabulous…I know we both enjoyed it and learned a lot from it…thank you for letting me share this with our readers, specially the ones whose 40th birthdays are coming up…

you’re not alone!!


P.S. stay tuned for my chat with another of my dear childhood friends…I promise if you loved this, you have to keep reading!!

2 responses to “REACT…Chatting with my sister-friend…TROISIÈME PARTIE (part 3)

  1. Comadre, Thank you! It was my absolute pleasure. I loved answering the questions you gave me, very insightful and interesting questions. And I really appreciate the chance to express a little bit of my inside voice. It’s a few days before my 40th birthday, a week to be exact, and I am really looking forward to it. Te acuerdas de la cancion “It’s A Not-so Bad!”, la he traido en mente. Cant wait to read the next ones! Sigues Lau!

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