EYE CANDY…feelin’ colorful!!

I don’t want to say I’m a HOARDER (in the compulsive disorder kind of way!), I’d like to see myself more as a COLLECTIONIST of useful stuff…

here’s a definition from wikipedia that will change the negative connation HOARDING has acquired in recent times:

Hoarding or caching is a general term for a behavior that leads people or animals to accumulate food or other items in anticipation of future need or scarcity.

This all came about today while I was drooling over images on PINTEREST, the new catch-all in anticipation of future need…you never know when you might need that image, so PIN IT now, PIN IT!!  OK, let me catch my breath (and this is not pathological, I promise!)

So back to the wonders of PINTEREST…  in that hoarding mindframe I pinned some images that were immediately put in my COLORSTRUCK board

that’s where I keep all my stash of EYE CANDY, in case you ever get the cravings..go check it out!! and today I had just that craving and put together a little goody bag to share with my readers…

OK, so go get a glass of water in case this gets TOO SWEET!!!



now you’ve had your EYE CANDY fix!!!

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