REACT…doing some homework @ the SOUMAYA MUSEUM

Hi everyone!

We did some touristing in our city…

Thanks to a homework assignment my children had, they willingly went to a local museum

So we visited the Soumaya Museum in the Carso Plaza here in Mexico City

May I comment on it (my personal opinion)?!

First, its presence here (in Mexico City), I feel, is an admirable gift to the city and to the country, being this the capital…  a cultural as well as urbanistic/architectural gift…  it’s an impressive sight as you approach it, in my opinión I feel it has a lot of architectural influence from the GETTY Museums, it’s quite ‘organic’ in both form and material: it’s not the typical box, it has a curvy shape and the outside hexagons (I think they are hexagons) could simulate fish scales…I’ve also interpreted as the leg of an armour suit, I seems as if you could pick it up you’de be able to bend it one way or another… it feels flexible because of the sinuous lines…that’s on the outside, inside, I feel it is remisniscent of the spiralling concept in the GUGGENHEIM Museum in New York…of course they recommend you go all the up on the elevator and then spiral your way back down, to make it less tiring…

all images by ME

Second, the fact that it’s fee admision is just another expression of how Carlos Slim (the owner of the Museum, the art in it and MANY other important companies) has put his varied, important art collection at the reach of all who live here (and tourists as well) in an intent to further the importance of world culture in the life of the common mexican…I truly appreciate that…

screen print of the museum's online mag with list of their collections

screen print of the museum's online mag with list of their collections

That a little boy or girl can be introduced to the art of DALI (I mention him because his sculptures are what MY children most enjoyed, and I know, will never forget) at an early age is just fabulous!!


Of course, from the images above, you can see that DALI isn’t the only artist you’ll find there…the collection is vast and varied…here images of my family’s favorites…

all images by ME

all images by ME

We’re feeling the pressure to do more touristing since our time living here is almost up, so let’s see where the wind takes us next!!

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