ACT.REACT.THINK…taking an up-close & personal look at TURNING 40

Hi! Hope you’re doing well

ME, I’m on the countdown to my 40th birthday, how about that?!

COOL/SCARY/LIFE CHANGING/ or just plain WHATEVER, ANOTHER BIRTHDAY?!? I haven’t decided, what I do know is that without a doubt I am now AN ADULT!!

As with all birthdays, who are the first people on your  party list? YOUR MOST LOVED AND CLOSEST FRIENDS!! right?!

This birthday is no different, in fact, maybe this is when you most want your friends with you, the ladies you went to school with, who have known you forever, WHO ARE ALSO TURNING 40!!

So I’ve invited them over for some coffee and girl chat!!

As their birthdays approach I’ll start posting our chat where we do some soul-searching and mindsweeping to see how we feel about life, where we are now and where we plan to go, taking our 4oth as an axis for this selfanalysis…

We’ll be celebrating two of my lady friends’ birthdays in February! That’s when the chatting will start…stay tuned!!

btw…by clicking on the images you can read two other bloggers’ 40th bday posts…it’s a big deal, you know!! jeje

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