CREATE…EYE CANDY…My first calendar!!

Well, here it is…

I’ve received good comments about it, of course they’ve come from people that love me and appreciate my art and dreams…

besides the good comments I’ve received some important advice: PROTECT YOUR WORK…

so I’ve watermarked it! I’m sorry to have to do that but I need to think with my head for a bit and not with my heart when dealing with my work…

I do hope you understand!!

I’ve tried for the watermark not to interfere too much with the image and how you are able to enjoy it (I was going to say ADMIRE it, but my daughter ‘the anti-tooter’ -she hates when I toot my own horn-  is seating right next to me)…

So here they are, I’m very proud of how they’ve turned out (I pray to God everyday to give me a chance to say that about my children when they are all grown up)…

and I think (this will sound weird!!) that my art is happy to be out of the cabinet where I keep it waiting for its chance to get framed (yeah, they want to BE FRAMED!)

it looks beautiful, the colors came out exactly as they are in the original oil paintings…

read you soon!!

p.s. promise my next post will be my organization resolution, PROMISE…aaaaaaaaaaa


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