ACT…I’m doing it…oh yes!!

I’m using my art in a calendar I’m putting together…

I know, half of January has already gone by, but , as I always say:


Want to take a peek?

I'm so excited!!

I’ll post the finished product…wuuhuu!! Hold your applause till then..jajajaaaa…kidding people, just kidding (about the applause, not about THE CALENDAR!)

2 responses to “ACT…I’m doing it…oh yes!!

  1. I wanted to do a daytime horizon, since yours is nightime and pair them up BUT I HAVEN’T DONE IT…Or since yours is different from all the others I could…creativity sparks…leave it solo and let it have ALL THE ATTENTION…let me try it and I’ll send you a pic…ooooooooh it would look sooo good…xoxo sister

  2. Qué bonito!! Loving the artwork the second time around. Are you including my first painting? Can’t wait to see it all. Besos.

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