THINK…a letter to MOJC

Dear MOJC, (an homme-age -jeje- to one of my favorite blogs‘ post-opening line)

Why oh why do I even bother with YOU?!

I think you interpret me wanting your opinion for ME NEEDING YOUR APPROVAL, believe me I don’t, because I’m well aware I’m never getting it or atleast without adding your huge BUT, AND or IF to it…

Why do I even tell you anything I’m dreaming of or thinking about?

I know you’ll never cheer me on, you never have so why do I keep expecting it, now that’s a question I’ll have to answer myself (and, between you and me I already know the answer to that..)

MOJC, You are a good person, you are very loved by all who know you and are considered a loyal friend…of course our relationship doesn’t fit into either of those categories, so obviously what we think of each other and how we see each other is another story…

I have come to realize that empathy and reciprocity are words you can’t find in the vocabulary you use when you are with me, I think it may even be a manufacturing defect in you because I’m not sure you know what they mean therefore you have never put them to good use…

Could it be that maybe you’re a tinsy bit jealous of me? it’s just a thought that I don’t dare over-analyze, because an affirmative answer would change many things…

I love this image, it reminds me how no matter what year we are in, ASSERTIVENESS is key in making the life we want for ourselves


So, I’m done with you MOJC…

I need to remind myself to listen to that underestimated, very assertive little voice inside my head that tells me to SHUT UP when I get the urge to let you into my secret, wonderful, creative (if i don’t tell myself this, who the hell will?! so please don’t judge me, of course my daughter wouldn’t like me tooting my own horn, but she’s not here, jijiji) mind always looking to make my life interesting…

From now on, my life, to you, is what you see and everything else is work in progress that you’ll come to know when I make it a reality, a tangible part of me…and by then, it’ll be too late for your ANDs, IFs and BUTs, too late for you to play switch-a-roo on me…

WUUUHUUU I FEEL EMPOWERED (read in a superhero tone)

Don’t sweat it, I still love you and the MOJC tag has come off, it’s quite a burden for both of us

Love, ME



2 responses to “THINK…a letter to MOJC

  1. so you’ve got Your Own Julia Child, too? I think it’s a phase, honestly I don’t like seeing myself as someone who falls into trends…I thinks it’s a coming-of-age sort of thing, like we’ve gone all the way around from needing guidance to needing independance, now we are ready to be the guide, we feel comfortable in our own shoes, sure of ourselves and the decisions we make, ready to be mothers to our pre-teens and wives in our teen-age marriages, we accept adulthood (although we can still joke, laugh, dream like when we were teenagers) because we are ready for it, just that not everyone in our lives is ready to see us in that role…I think!!! oye, me gustaria que hicieramos unos guest-posts de nuestra cuenta regresiva al los 40…dejame armarlo bien y te lo planteo a ver que te parece! ok?!
    but back to the matter at hand, why do you think this could be a TREND? xoxo friend

  2. Ale, me super encantó… Identificada al 100… But tell me friend, for my own peace of mind : Is it a phase or is it a trend?? 🙂

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