REACT…Healing in Progress

Last night I was abruptly interrupted by LIFE…

so I was saying that watching the movie I realized I’ve got my own Julia Child, not in the exact same sense as Julie did, I’m not trying to be like that person as Julie wanted to, what I do want and Julie also did was THE APPROVAL of MOJC (my own Julia Child)…although, I wouldn’t stop doing what I do if MOJC disapproved…it would just be so much nicer if MOJC was part of my painting, writing, cooking…I wish MOJC enjoyed MY HAPPINESS activities with me not because they are nice but because MOJC loved seeing me find happiness in myself…so anyway, I’m not sure that’ll ever happen

So MOJC just sits there like Endora on Bewitched when she’d be floating in a corner observing every step Darren or Samantha took just to come in, in her usual judgemental way, and tell them how wrong they are…that’s MOJC

And this is where turning 40 works in my favor…come on, 40, I’m no spring chicken, right? so I MUST know what I’m doing and WHY I’m doing it…

I think MOJC won’t like seeing me in my newly acquired sense of SELF, after always being the one that need to be taken care of…

You see, my painting and writing (which is ALL mine) has infused a kind of spring in my step, a sparkle in my eye, it makes my heart skip a beat and I want those feelings to permeate to the rest of my daily activities with or without (honestly I wish it was WITH) MOJC…

life shouldn’t be this heavy a load specially when you know you’ve got it in you to make it lighter and brighter

I wish there was liposuction for the soul…

you know? that someway everything that’s bringing me down would be drained out of me under the agreement that I will do everything in my capacity and power to avoid that buildup again…

(that’s what I tell myself: If I ever get liposuction done on my fat spots I promise to do exercise and drink lots of water and avoid all that could take me back to that awful place..PROMISE!! jeje of course I’m not getting lipo, and the exercise-mania is not in my DNA…oops I took the fork in the road…)

Anyway…healing still in progress and maybe, just maybe it’ll all melt away into my bad memory or, OR this new year 2012 might take me on a road of growth and discovery that’ll make all that buildup seem like a bad dream that goes away once you wake up

so let’s see which comes first: GROWTH & DISCOVERY or LIPOSUCTION FOR THE SOUL

from Aileen Bennett, WEBSITE READ THIS click on this link to read the PDF file

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