I think that nowadays, with our personal finances being a bit challenged, Doing Yourself any part of your Christmas presents is a welcome change to your holiday peace of mind and to that special person on your list.

I started collecting nice DIY ideas as soon as every blogger started posting them and here are my favorites…

~How about some templates for small cardboard boxes, perfect for gift cards, candy or a sparkly little thing called JEWELRY…

images and tutorials from the wonderful


~Now that we’re doing it ourselves how about a little embellishments for our presents from the heart…

lovely embellishments collage by ME, links below


~…and last but not least, if the idea is FROM MY HEART TO YOURS …let’s not forget the the fastest way is through the stomach…try this DIY delicacies

homemade yummies

…these lovelies even come with printable labels…

1. recipe and printable labels in same link ...
2. vanilla extract recipe
printable labels...

Happy Christmas DIY-ing!!

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