Being back home, by home I mean, my mom’s home…it’s just surprising how moms never stop when it comes to making their children and grandchildren feel comfortable, much less when food and a good night’s sleep are the topics at hand

Last night was like musical chairs, but the chairs were beds, the music stopped and I was totally immersed in a new post so I had to sleep on the sofa (husband’s not here yet so I didn’t fight my bad luck).

When I started preparing my sofa to go to sleep I became aware of the ‘interesting’ collection of blankets my mom put together for our visit…

It’s Disney-character-mania!!

My son had a Lion King blanket, my daughter had a Minnie Mouse…I slept with a varied bunch: Tincker Bell, Mickey and Pluto and 101 Dalmations…I have to say I had the best night’s sleep in a while

…and I realized, when we go back home, we go back in time, because Moms are moms, they won’t shake the mothering instinct off even if we are parents ourselves..they’ll see to our every need from the day we arrive to the day we leave

so I won’t fight it, I’ll enjoy it and be grateful for it

my children are all cuddled up under their Disney blankets so these are some of the others in my mom's blanket arsenal

Happy, WARM & COZY Disney Christmas Nights to ME!!


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