ACT… we’ll be HOME for Christmas!!

Well, the children are on their Christmas vacation and before we settle into the do-nothing mode, we’ve made our bags and are heading back to our hometown for Christmas.

My children are ecstatic to see their grandparents, aunt and cousins after several months of being away, over in the belly button/capital of our country: Mexico City.

And, well, me…I’m extremely anxious to get cooking with my mom and sister, to see my father and lovely lady friends, TO SPEND SOME DOWN TIME WITH MY HUSBAND and to hug everyone!

The gifts I’m taking are just simple tokens of my gratitude to those special people for being part of my life even from afar, they know they’re from the heart!!

Santa will make his long awaited appearance back home, let’s just hope my children were as well behaved as he expected so that they can get what was on their lists (started back in October and updated every week, sheesh!!)

Taking my laptop with me because you know that inspiration and a need to vent can happen anywhere and at any time, and this is my most practical therapy, can’t lug around my canvases and paints, now can I?!

Got to leave the place looking nice, because I’ve got this theory that dirty dishes and any other kind of mess MULTIPLIES IN MY ABSENCE and I’m going to be absent for 10 days, so imagine that!

So, read you soon, read me soon!

xo, bon voyage to us!!

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