ACT…or THINK… Inspiration vs. Education

This is what I’m struggling with, the INSPIRED HAND vs. the EDUCATED BRAIN…does THINK before you ACT (I know, it’s SPEAK) also apply to painting…

I’ve just finished my first year in oil painting class and I’m STUCK

When I first started it was all about being inspired and letting the colors guide my hand, NOW I just stare at the blank canvas, reviewing in my thoughts all my notes, the dos and don’ts…putting other’s (read: my teacher’s) possible reaction before MY INSPIRATION

I would’ve never imagined that this would happen. I thought that taking classes would open my eyes to infinite possibilites…that it would discover hidden abilities in me…IT HASN’T! It has made me MY OWN WORSE CRITIC and since I don’t want to disappoint myself, I just sit and stare…and it’s starting to get to me…I need to SNAP OUT OF IT! (this phrase always reminds me of Cher in Moonstruck)


“He who cannot describe the problem will never find the solution to that problem.”

I need to get past this IMPEDIMENT and get to work…

So this post is about CATHARSIS…which by the way was my first homework: what is CATHARSIS and HOW IS IT EXPRESSED IN ART…

so CATHARSIS (for the few who may not be clear on it) is…


My nerdiness is interfering with my creativeness…

Some fabulous quotes came to mind when going through my CATHARSIS…

ALBERT EINSTEIN once said, “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.”

And…”It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.”

but what is CURIOSITY without NATURAL ABILITY to take you in the right path to DISCOVERY?

On this, MARCUS TULLIUS CICERO commented many years ago:

“Natural ability without education has more often attained to glory and virtue than education without natural ability.”

let me put it simply:



OK, intelligent people from history, I understand that ability, curiosity, creativity are vital in all areas specially in the arts…

so let’s hear what CONFUCIUS wants to add to this…

         “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

 And ANTON CHEKOV, agrees:

         “Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.”

So maybe, what’s got me stuck is the fact that I haven’t tried to put the tips, dos and don’t to practice…I’ve just taken them as theory, as GOLDEN RULES not to be tampered with, instead of as guidelines to a better painting practice.


In DOING comes UNDERSTANDING and in understanding comes SELF-CONFIDENCE thus allowing the surfacing of NATURAL ABILITIES enriched by KNOWLEDGE

I do have to recognize that many artists have become well-known for their fabulous work resulting from sole inspiration, NATURAL ABILITY and GOOD CONNECTIONS, jeje…well, not all of them!

For now, I’ll use inspiration to get me working and information to do it well…now that’s what I call CATHARSIS


7 responses to “ACT…or THINK… Inspiration vs. Education

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  2. “He who cannot describe the problem
    will never find the solution to that problem.”
    so let us adore and protect all whistleblowers!

  3. thank you friend…it’s the self-therapy I put myself through to get out of those sticky situations…and yeah it does make you see your prevois self with a bit of self-pity…thanks for reading me, thankks for your lovely compliments..xoxo

  4. La parte la catarsis “really struck a chord”…I recently had one of those. Its good and then again it makes you feel nostalgic about your previous state of ignorance…when you had an excuse for not doing anything about it…being bold and brave…speaking your mind as well as your heart is both liberating and painful at the same time…guess that´s why they call them growing pains (metaphorically speaking). I LOVE reading you..keep up the good work.

  5. no juegues con mis sentimientos sister!! jajajaa…no tienes idea de cuanto me encanta conectar quotes…como darle oportunidad a esa gente intelectual de entablar una conversación…gracias por decirme que te sirvió…at time I felt I was TALKING in circles, and digging a ditch into which I could fall and throwing the post to the trash would be my only way out… like my students did!! xoxo sister-friend

  6. Yeah!! A very intellectual post to an emotional situation. Loved it. Your parahrasing opened my eyes to a new way of understanding my writer’s block. Thanks for the great post and quotes.

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