BRAIN FOOD+EYE CANDY…Mexico: pigeon coop…UK: the shoebox

Apparently, it doesn’t matter if you’re living in a third world country (México…this is so 90s, are we still called that?) or in a leading economy (UK) THE AVERAGE HOME FOR THE AVERAGE PERSON IS GETTING SMALLER AND SMALLER

In México, those homes are called PICHONERAS or pigeon coops and in the UK they are called, and I quote the article: “shameful shoebox homes“…

collage by ME

Be it a reflection of the times, of doing what we can with what we have…getting the most for our hard earned money THE DESIGN INDUSTRY IS DOING THEIR THING…

Several designers out there are studying the basic elements needed for a family to live a healthy, complete life and DOWNSIZING …after all LESS IS MORE

Their creativity has been put to work with a sole objective in mind: that eventhough you might not have the ample spaces you grew up in, you don’t have to sacrifice the comforts you had back then, you can turn a small house into a COMPLETE HOME…this is a bit of what’s being offered…

collage by ME


4 responses to “BRAIN FOOD+EYE CANDY…Mexico: pigeon coop…UK: the shoebox

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  3. Las pichoneras me dan tristeza. Pero siendo realistas, es la unica casa que mucha gente puede comprar con esta economia. Debi haberle hecho caso a mi mama cuando pude… una casa de esas es mejor que no tener casa. Pero muy buen diseño para solucionar eso de los espacion minimos. Function meets design. I like it!

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