REACT… it’s THAT time again…

OMG…I am about to turn 40, so thatmeans I’ve had my period for…how many years now? Gosh, a lot!!

It’s the same thing as when the children were small, older women tell me, “just be glad you’ve still got it, you’ll be sorry when it’s gone!” they say with a nostalgic look on their faces and an extremely serious tone…

You know, I’m not one to go against nature, I get it, I know the importance, and I am also fully aware of the effects of IT stopping, but DAMN IT, why, after ALL THESE YEARS does it still mess with my mental, physical and EMOTIONAL stability WHY?

Shouldn’t I be kind of IN CONTROL by now…

Any other day, when I’ve got a huge to-do list, well I just tackle it depending on the task..

I either organize myself by deadline, or by how I can get the most done in one trip, or BY WHAT I’M IN THE MOOD FOR DOING…as simple as that…but oh no, not today or the next couple of days…because today, like any other day I’ve got a full schedule and ALL I WANT TO DO IS SIT IN A BATH OF SELFPITY… can you believe it? I can’t!!

And then this whole bit, this right brain-left brain no man, er woman, left standing battle ISN’T HELPING, (you know one little voice inside your head telling the other: SNAP OUT OF IT, NO! YOU SNAP OUT OF IT) it makes me feel like I’m  between a rock and a hard place…

So, you know what I did? I knew you knew…I did some research…don’t let your period ruin your life, EXTREME right? because in this glass-half-empty mindframe A WEEK IS MY WHOLE LIFE…jajajaaaa…

I didn’t no a very in-depth investigation, I went at it like teenagers do: the first link on the list…no good! I didn’t find what I was looking for (plus the fact that I’m not in a nerdy mood) it was all focused on the teenage girl: wear black underwear (jajajaaa!), use a tampon, all girls get their period so you’re not alone…omg!!

However i didn’t give up… there has to be some kind of info for us post-teenagers…

I found it on EPIGEE.ORG a site about women’s health…so here’s the basics on surviving THE WEEK!!

SATISFY YOUR CRAVINGS… blame it on the moon!!

NOW THIS IS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR… not just the regular recommendations: be positive, have an extra pad in your purse, alert your loved ones and coworkers so that they can be prepared …HEY, WE’RE NOT A HURRICANE ABOUT TO HIT THE TOWN…sheesh!!

This looks quite good!! You can print it!! I WILL…



6 responses to “REACT… it’s THAT time again…

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  2. jajajaaaa..Ok, in conclusion…you see I am quite a healthy eater but I did take special care in avoiding excess salt intake, I have been drinking my eight glasses of water which I’m sure helped avoid the bloating…I ABSOLUTELY gave into cravings (jajaja not that much but I did have my tablespoon of NUTELLA in the afternoons) …all this plus not letting life get to me… THOSE DAYS have gone, leaving me complete and sane…thanks for reading and for asking

  3. Thank you, I have recently been looking for info about this topic for a while and yours is the best I have came upon till now. However, what concerning the conclusion? Are you positive in regards to the source?

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