This is a new category I added to my blog.

You see I’ve got the BRAIN FOOD category, the EYE CANDY category and, well the rest of me has to live on something, right?!

So today’s my first post on this subject.

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Homemade hamburger’s were on the menu accompanied by a delicious garnish that even my children love to eat.

– It adds a nice change in texture to the meal plus the freshness of the ingredients gives the common hamburger a cool twist. –

Yes, you read right! MY CHILDREN LOVE TO EAT THE JALAPENIO PEPPERS when I prepare them this way.

Any other form of the jalapeno is always too HOT even for me.

The jalapeno when eaten fresh (avoiding the seeds), surprisingly isn’t hot…

Of course there will be a sudden HOT JALAPENO among the bunch, but you’ll know: the first tip off is sometimes when you are washing them you might perceive the smell, or for sure you will know when you  cut off the first slice…

If you get a hot jalapeno and you’re brave enough to eat it, I do recommend you prepare yourself a separate batch because as soon as it comes in contact with the rest they all become hot to the taste!!

OK, so here’s the very easy step-by-step (with pics) to preparing the deliciously fresh and crunchy JALAPENO PEPPER GARNISH…

Try it and tell me about it!!


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