REACT… who you gonna call? YOUR GAL PALS, WHO ELSE?!…

Some time ago The Notebook of Love posted I GET BY WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS (click the title to go to the post). While reading all I could think was AIN’T THAT THE TRUTH!! For us women, our lady friends are…


I have no idea the emotional connection that exists between men friends. I do know about their need to run in packs, hunt in packs, drink/smoke packs in packs, but, are there feelings from the heart that keep those packs together or is it just shared interests and solidarity?

Ronny, Donny, Johnny and Sonny

I know I’ll be able to answer those questions now that I’ve got a little boy and will definitely be watching closely.

I’ve never heard my husband say that HE LOVES HIS MALE FRIENDS. Is it just that he has put to sleep his feminine side which is necessary to admit and say such things? en fin…

Ok, my son will have to answer ALL my questions on the subject.

My point is that we -men and women- ‘keep’ friendships in different places…

Men, in their stomach near a TV, in a pack of cigarrettes, inside a can of beer, YOU GET THE POINT!

Us women, keep our friendships IN OUR HEARTS and we let each other know!

Recently a friend, from the group that I’ve mentioned as my second family, was telling how some time ago she hadn’t been feeling well, everything hurt, even her eyelashes (my eyelashes used to hurt when I was little)! She went from doctor to dentist to psychologist tending to every part of her aching self.

To her surprise nothing was wrong with her and to make her surprise even more incredible they all coincided in their diagnosis: YOU ARE LONELY AND YOU NEED TO GET TOGETHER WITH YOUR FEMALE FRIENDS, your husband won’t help you out of this but YOUR LADY FRIENDS WILL!!

This recommendation came as a shock to her, she thought, until then that being friends with her husband, having ‘conversations’ with him was all the interaction she needed. Of course…

She started analyzing, listening closely to the topics she and her husband talked about…it turned out that they never talked about her feelings, her wishes (the ones that are born and grow in the heart), her goals or how to achieve them; their topics were (yeah, you can tell, it happens to all of us) the children, the house, how tired he was, etc…

It is quite a revelation at first, the fact that your husband (more often than not) won’t be your shoulder to cry on, won’t be the one saying I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND WHERE YOU’RE COMING FROM, or the one who’ll suddenly call you to ask HOW ARE YOU? … He just won’t…

So we may love them, we may even be willing to spend our COMPLETE lives with them,


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