THINK ABOUT… “I want to put a ding in the universe”

This is one of many INSPIRATIONAL frases being quoted from Steve Jobs.

It’s more than a phrase IT’S MORE OF AN AFFIRMATION.

He wanted to leave his mark and he did, over and over again.

CREATIVITY UNSURPASSED, compared to the geniuses that have revolutionized our world. Geniuses we’ve only read about but still enjoy the results of their creativity. But THIS GENIUS, has walked the earth with us. He has showed us that there still room for INNOVATION under the sun.

He was quite aware of his ‘worth’…

…but he GOT MORE SATISFACTION out of the value of his CONTRIBUTION!


Read more of his quotable phrases on

A Collection of 60 Inspirational Steve Jobs Quotes About Life, Design and Apple


2 responses to “THINK ABOUT… “I want to put a ding in the universe”

  1. si, hoy en el radio hablaban de el, decian que era, como algunos otros genios (Einstein), dislexico y no termino la escuela por falta de recursos$$ ok?! que su salario era de un dolar al a;o pero sus ganancias pues millones,,,,,,,, R.I.P.

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