THINK ABOUT…eliminate the negatives/ let the positives come through


As I multitask: wash the dishes, read the tweets as they come in; put on some make-up, read the tweets coming in; assemble some invitations, read the tweets coming in; do a little doodling, read…well you get the idea…so as I was saying, as I read the tweets of all these fabulously creative people that I follow I GET IDEAS, I GET INSPIRED AND I BRAINWASH MYSELF INTO THINKING ‘YEAH, I CAN DO THAT’, and all these aha moments go into my TO-DO list which by now is so long that I just hope I get to live enough as to at least achieve half of it.

For example, just today:

-I wanted to help @designseeds with some webpage design… I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT WEBPAGE DESIGN but between me and myself we fantasized about it…

-I read every DIY link posted by @designsponge on how to make your own chandelier…MY HUSBAND DOESN’T LIKE CHANDELIERS AND WE’RE RENTING, SO I CAN’T HANG A CHANDELIER ANYWHERE BUT FROM MY EARS…

-I admired @RueMagazine’s first anniversary edition and thought au même temps I COULD HAVE A VIRTUAL MAGAZINE, IT WOULD BE SO COOL…

Gosh, I make myself laugh…I’m not making fun of myself, it’s like when a child says, “when I grow up I’m going to be a superheroe and I’m going to stop all the bad people in the world” and you kind of giggle and hug the little boy or girl and congratulate them on their dreams…that’s the way I’m with myself…

A bitter-sweet moment, I like wanting to do so many things, I love thinking I can do them ALL, but then I do a little situation analysis or a little soul-searching or even a little investigating AND FIND OUT I CAN’T, I DON’T KNOW HOW TO, IT’S TOTALLY OUT OF MY LEAGUE…

But then my cheerleaders come to the rescue: my sister-friend and my sister-sister…THEY ALWAYS TELL ME I CAN DO IT or give me an option that’s more at my level/reach.

Before I would just sink into a tub of boiling SELF-PITY, but now ( I have no idea how I got here, how I evolved out of that) I talk it over with them, think it over by myself and if it’s a NO-NO, then I go on to the next thing on my TO-DO list. It isn’t full of dreams you know!! I eventually come to a DO-ABLE DREAM and I give it my all.

It’s a matter of WORDING. How you express you dreams, how you transform them into an AFFIRMATION has everything to do with the chances of it becoming part of your reality.

I changed the expression I CAN’T… to HOW ABOUT… it’s more promising, it’s less hurtful to my self-esteem and it gives me a chance to KEEP MY DREAMS ON MY LIST.


Read the small print:

Stop thinking you can’t do things and start thinking you can.

It’s important to eliminate the negatives from you vocabulary, especially the word ‘can’t’.

When you begin to think positively, you’ll find yourself attempting and succeeding at more things.

Remember, by eliminating the negatives, you’ll let the positives come through.


4 responses to “THINK ABOUT…eliminate the negatives/ let the positives come through

  1. Hey! this is news to me…what do you mean advertising? I have no advertisers…and if you mean the sources I cite on other posts, well I need to give credit for the pictures and information…please write back and tell me more about this


  3. como siempre te lo he dicho: you think too much!! I mean it in a good way ya sabes eh!
    de echo, el pensar demasiado te ha orillado a escibir todos estos articulos que, para mi, son lo mejor que circula por la web-onera, jajaja,,,
    este de eliminate el can’t esta super, de echo voy a imprimir la foto del can’t tachado y lo voy a tener siempre a la vista para mi y para el Fato,,

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