REACT…I (L) DF on Saturdays too!

Because every Saturday near from where I live, (when I  say near I’m talking about a 5 min. walk!) we – and every nationality tourist you can imagine-  like to visit EL BAZAAR DEL SÁBADO.

El Bazaar del Sábado is a combination of:

ART EXPO with original works being sold by the artists themselves right there in a wonderful park surrounded by many more artists displaying their abilities in a wide variety of styles.


A MERCADO or STREET MARKET where you can find all kinds of things from silver with semiprecious stones to BEAUTIFUL PAPEL PICADO, which is now on sale for the festivities of DIA DE LOS MUERTOS or Day of the Dead (Nov. 1st, but why not start decorating and celebrating now?!).

Mid XIX century, this colored paper from china started being sold here in Mexico, and our people transformed it into a true mexican ART

PAPEL PICADO banners, aren't they just lovely THOSE INCREDIBLE JEWEL TONES...Just in case you're wondering how PAPEL PICADO is made...

This all takes place in a barrio called San Angel, beautiful part of Mexico City with it’s original cobblestone streets and magnificent houses…

mid 19th century!!

Of course to get there you have to go down LA CALLE DE LA AMARGURA…(if I make a textual translation it’d be: THE BITTER PATH), SO IT’S JUST FUNNY because it’s a common expresion used when you’ve had to live through not so nice things in order to get something…

a fabulous blue ceramic address sign outside one of the houses in LA CALLE DE LA AMARGURA

My children, our dog and I had a very nice walk, bought a few souvenirs (eventhough we live here! but you can find such beautiful pieces of handmade jewelry that we couldn’t pass them up) took these pictures to share with you…I said before I loved Mexico City on Sundays when Reforma Ave. is closed to motorvehicles, today I add I love Mexico City on Saturdays because you can see original arts and crafts and enjoy the sites and sounds of this cosmopolitan city!

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